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We pride ourselves on our customer service.

I ordered assorted suet and was sent a woodpecker substitute for the sunflower suet usually in the package. I really did not expect you to also send me the sunflower suet after the substitute and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that. Your customer service is impeccable, the handwritten notes on your receipts show how much you care and I just wanted to let you know that I really do appreciate what you do. - Jacquie K.

... the new feeder works very well. By the time I got back into the house and peeked out, a first pair of house finches were trying it out. This morning, there was a flurry of activity around it. You will hear from me again. Some of the wild bird seed you offer looks to be a wise purchase.

So just why do I buy my birdseed from you rather than from some one else? It's because somebody takes the time to write "Thank you" on every order I have ever received. Somebody, or everybody who does this might deserve a raise!!!!

My birds adore your sunflower seeds and safflower seeds. I'll certainly continue to look to you for those.

Thanks for your kindness....Your company has a great employee.

Just a thank you for your great birdseed. I have been ordering for a couple years now, 60lbs a month or so. And every batch I have gotten thus far has been fresh and bug free. And it comes when I expect it to come. So this was just a thank you!

Please tell Dan & Gordon that they have one VERY HAPPY customer. The new worms arrived in EXCELLENT shape. Thank you.

Thank you very much!! I truly appreciate your outstanding customer service. ..... P.S. Found your blog interesting.

Thank you, Judy :) That was incredibly quick...What a great company!

Products, prices, shipping time....all fantastic. Nice, friendly, helpful customer service. I am a customer for life. My birds are thrilled! Nancy P. Aptos, CA

I was at mom's house on Saturday when her replacement worms arrived...(undamaged and still sealed!). Her birds were most thankful (dried insects just don't cut it). Thank you for the great customer service, (which I find mostly and sadly lacking in most companies these days). In my 2-3 years of ordering from you I have come to expect good customer service and quality product at fair prices and I've never been disappointed...I will continue to be a loyal customer in the future...feel free to pass my endorsement on to any prosepective customers!

When using google one day, looked up bird seed and you were very close to the top. I took a chance and ordered $260.00 worth of seed. The regular finch seed purchased at local feed store the birds didn't care for, lots of waste. So I'm back ordering a 42 lb. bag of your aud. finch festival. In talking to any others birds in my area I will tell them of your website. Thank you.

I am very happy with your website. You have a terrific selection of products and you post great information about what types of food are favored by bird species. I have always been extremely satisfied with your products, prices and delivery. I continue to be a repeat customer and I recommend you to my bird-loving friends as a fantastic source for bird food and bird feeding supplies. Thank you for your products!! S. Friedman

I found your site when the local store where I purchased feeders and seed went out of business. I could only find small quantities of supplies and wanted to buy in larger, more economical ways. I searched on Google and there you were. I've never shopped anywhere else. And while I only feed finches in my back yard (house finches, gold finches, junkos, etc.) and only make a couple of 60 lb. purchases a year, the price and convenience alone make it worthwhile.

This was my first order...Christmas present. I was very impressed with the fast deliver and of course, the free shipping. I showed the feed to a friend and she also ask me to order for her. I will order again. Very please...overall good rating on website. Will refer to others.

I can assure you that I will tell all my friends who love birds or have friends that love birds. I'm very impressed with your website and everything you have to offer.

I think you are just great!

I receive my order within a week, which I feel keeps me returnung to your website. I love the free shipping. I love that you carry Droll Yankee products. These are the best feeders in the industry. Thanks. I think you all are great and most helpful :)

The idea of free shipping is a big plus in that I buy in larger quantities and this makes it sooooo easy............right to your door!

I tell all my friends about you because you have the best deal on niger (Nyjer) seed. I hope they purchased some from you. We live hundreds of miles from any major town and things are expensive here.

On a whim, I searched on "bird seed" and there you were. I'm tickled that I found you because you are about to become my major source of gift-giving -- especially to my in-laws in Oregon!

Your website is very user friendly and informative for a beginner which I am. I also felt confident seeing the Stokes name mentioned. I entered birdseed in the web search and your site appealed the most to me of the ones I checked out. Thanks, Maria

I just received my first shipment from you. The seed was top-notch quality - that's what's most important to me. I've ordered from another source & have had problems with larvae being in bags of seed at time of delivery, and the seed just didn't appear fresh. Yours does. Your website certainly convinced me to order from you - I wanted high quality seed and your website led me to believe yours was, and I liked the free shipping. Keep up the good work! J. Hart

I must tell you that I have been feeding your black sunflower seeds to about 45 to 50 different birds a day. They love your seeds!! Of course the squirrel's love them too. I try to lure them away to a feeder just for them. (with corn, and some of your seeds) But anyway, I have six feeders and my birds actually fight for position. Thank you.

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