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New England Bird Picture Library

Hi all,

Obviously, for some time now, the wife and I have been posting pictures on this blog. And the pictures have looked ok... But out of necessity, they've been small and consequently lacked detail. That just changed...

A few days ago, we expanded our Flickr account (a picture hosting service) to hold all our bird photos. And those pictures (roughly 900) are carefully categorized to help in bird identification. Here they are:

New England Bird Picture Library

Using this library, the photos may be viewed as they were shot. (The "All Sizes" button is a small but useful gadget!) Some of the resolutions are up in the 1600 x 1200 pixels range or even more... What else should you know about this library? Well, it took me a little time to get used to Flickr, but once you get the GUI under your belt, it ain't all that bad... Not that bad at all... Just remember that you're looking for "CapeCodAlan" and "Sets". And if all else fails, close Flickr, come back to this post, and use the link above.

Now, about the usage of these pictures (copyrights and stuff). The boss and I are still mulling this one over. My guess is that it's fair to say that if you want to download a picture to use as your Windows wallpaper, all is cool. If you want to download a picture for commercial purposes (rated "G"), you're probably fine - just drop us an email or a comment beforehand out of courtesy. But if you want to use any of these pictures for any "non-rated 'G'" purposes... Forget about it. (I didn't stand for hours waiting to get that perfect picture just so you could rip it off and paste it on the cover of tens of thousands of adult DVDs "baring" the title "Sparrow McNaughty... The Chick with the Ruffled Feathers!")

Time to wrap this one up... Normally I'd post a photo, but I think the link to 900 above should keep you busy...

See you by the feeders,

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