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Buy in Bulk and Save at eBirdseed.com


Greetings sisters and brothers! Welcome almost back to the psychedelic '60s...

Hey! Have you entered the fab contest yet?

Truckin' onward... The "Dead" was/were right... What a long strange trip it's been! But if you think life was crazy back in '67, man that ain't nothin' compared with '07... The cost of gasoline keeps bouncing over the $3.00/gallon mark. A haircut (not that I ever get one) costs $20. And a decent tie-dyed t-shirt costs fifty bucks! I'm telling you that "The System" is sticking it to us...

But there is an exception... There's this company that let's you order birdseed over the Internet, and they pay for the shipping. Cool! But here's the deal man... (Umm... Wait a second... I've got my wristwatch caught in my headband and my hair... Ow... Ow... Ok... That's better...) So anyway, the deal is that the more you order, the cheaper it gets. And that's just hip for those fat-cat, military-industrial czars hanging out at Area 51. But what about us regular folk who weave goats'-hair pot holders and decorate used-tire sandals? What's a hippy to do? I'll tell you what to do cats! Buy in bulk, and then use one of those kitchen appliances to vacuum pack the rest of it in appropriately-sized bags. Dig the pic below!


The vacuum machine company says that when you vacuum pack stuff like seeds, they'll last a year or more stored in the pantry. (Just don't let the rodents near 'em!)

Oh wow! Power to the people! Right on! We get to order in bulk just like "The Man"! So how much scratch will you actually save? Let me lay an example on you...

Suppose you're used to buying the "Sunflower Hearts & Chips" by the 20lb bag... Right now that will run you $40.70. When you snag 3 bags over time, you'll have let loose $122.10... Ok, ok... Now let's not have a revolution here! Cool product, cool service, cool delivery right to your door. Fair enough for this hippy. But, suppose that you think like "The Establishment" and buy in bulk?!? A single 60lb bag of the same seed sells for $98.83... And the difference of $23.27 will buy a lot of incense and maybe even a Ravi Shankar 8-track cassette!

Only one thing left to say… “Om by the feeders…”

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