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Free Canned Mealworms... Act now!

How do I introduce this offer and this post?

Deep breath... Here goes...

John Belushi knew it in "Animal House". Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin knew it on SNL. Willie Nelson wrote about and Patsy Cline sang about it back in 1961. That's right... We're talking about "crazy". And now it's eBirdseed.com's chance to do something crazy.

We want to give you canned mealworms!

Ah geez, that sounds a little too crazy! More accurately, we want to give you canned mealworms for your birds.


The simple fact is that bluebirds, blackbirds, blue jays, crows, and a bunch of other birds are crazy for mealworms. And here's how you can get some free. We have a total of eight cans of the critters (above) available. We'll send you a can of mealworms if your non-spam comment is one of the first eight that we receive for this post. (As always, we'll pay for the shipping in the continental U.S. - this is a totally free giveaway.) In fact, you can even submit a max of two comments, and we'll ship you two cans. And if that wasn't loony enough, we've got a nice (single) seed scoop to trade for a comment. (The first person who asks for the scoop in the comment gets the scoop.) But you need to act quickly... Those 9 items aren't going to last forever!

See you by those zany feeders,

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What a great way to encourage birding! :)

Cool! What a great offer. I love your blog and check in frequently though never commented before now (hey, see what a free offer will do!). By the way - tried the corn cob on a bungee for the squirrel - didn't work here, they prefer to eat my peanut butter suet I make up instead!

Oh gee, forgot, is it too late to ask for the scoop too? Guess I shouldn't be greedy.....

Thanks for a great blog!

Hi Teresa,

No, you're not too greedy! You were the first to ask about the scoop, so you get a can of mealworms, AND the free scoop as well... Enjoy, and let us know how your birds like the mealworms!

A Free can of Mealworms? Wow, this could be the answer to my dilemma! I gotta tell you, that "Foot of Inchworms" just didn't work worth a darn! Count me in! Besides, have you ever had them on a Triscuit?

Thanks for the freemealworms. this is a great blog.

I have just started bluebird nest boxes this year. I have a nest with four eggs.

We used to have lots of Bird Jays at our feeders. I hadn't seen any for along time. Then about a week ago I have 2 young ones and an adult. I would love to give them a special treat to keep them around.

How far from the bluebird nest box do you put the mealworms and in what type of container?

Hi Joni,
Thanks for the comment AND the question! See the June 14th post for your answers... CapeCodAlan

Oh how exciting!!! Now all my feathered friends will LOVE me even more!

It is fun to see some names on this blog that I recognize.

I am happy to know so many of my friends like bird watching. :)


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