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New eBirdseed.com Encryption Contest!


Time we had a new contest... But this one ain't so easy. The picture below is a secret code I wrote for a recipe. (Might help to print it out...) The hints are provided. With the right research and whatnot, this can be cracked in your spare time. (Unfortunately, I didn't have that whatnot, and had to cipher the beast by hand. Still perfectly doable though time consuming...)


So... If you come up with the complete, correct recipe and a valid description of how you broke the code, what will you win? You'll get a quart of my fresh, frozen, vacuum-packed, home-made clam chowder (shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.) and a signed picture of me out on the clam flats wearing a Mickey Mouse hat... I kid you not.

The contest is open to everyone... Employees of eBirdseed.com and their family members are welcome, as are our regular customers and blogites, strangers, wee beasties from Mars... (Yup, only I know the encryption process, and I have absolutely no intention of wearing Mickey Mouse ears for anyone.)

Note: Delivery of prize will depend upon weather and tides. Contest ends 11:59pm EST, 1/24/08

See you by the feeders,


P.S. For what it's worth... It's been a number of years since I created this puzzle. "Aut" is another term for XOR.

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Sorry, CCA, but I am just not
up to the strain of trying to
figure that out. More power to any of you who decide to

{No problem Joanne! I offered this puzzle to those folks who like to spend hours with games like sodoku... The rules aren't too complex (unlike chess) but still allow for some time-consuming effort... Besides, I ain't crazy about wearing mouseketeer ears out on the clam flats!}

Not to nag, but this isn't an encryption contest---it's a decryption contest. But still.

Hi Ander,

Thanks for the reply, and you're right - it's a decryption contest... And it would be fun to see someone solve it...

Thanks again,


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