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Goodnight Tale for Lisa

Cap_S%20tilted.jpgomewhere in a place not here, and sometime in a time not now, child Lisa looked at a most-strange, off-colored bird not too unlike herself.

The bird seemed normal enough to Lisa, but still not quite right to light on all edges and from all angles. Regardless, Lisa fed it and watched it. And she felt happy with the creature, though always at a distance.

But there were other things for Lisa too... There was school, and friends, and clothes that got turned inside out... There was cooking, and painting, and many places to see in a place not here. There were loved ones - past, present, and future... But perhaps most important was simply being aware of the specialness of being in that place and that time, even if she was a little different.

And time did pass in a time not now... (Though surely time was approaching now, or leaving now, or running besides now, or something along those lines or curves...) Anyway, time moved right along. And as Lisa grew, she spent less and less time in a place not here, feeding a most strange, off-colored, wild bird not too unlike herself until the years seeped away and the bird flew away forever and Lisa hardly even noticed.

But later, much later, after she had grown and finally found her own way, Lisa would think back to the off-colored bird that wasn't too unlike herself. Just a little albinistic girl and a little leucistic bird not alone in a place not here, and in a time not now.


Sleepy by the feeders,


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What a sweet, touching, mystical little story. I liked it very much. Thanks.

{Thank you!


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