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Spring Rehab of NovaBird Camera, Disaster Plans, Safety on the Water, etc.


For those of you familiar with this blog, the fact that we use the remote, movement-triggered NovaBird camera should come as no surprise. And over the last year, the camera has performed admirably. But as all things flesh and/or electron, the battery has given up the ghost. What was once a proud and svelte rig now is just a haggard "wirey" mess... How the mighty hath fallen...


Not to worry, we can rebuild it, make it better, stronger, faster... You get the idea. As soon as I get the replacement battery, the NovaBird will click anew. (Note: I just ordered another battery, so expect the "eBirdseed.com Favorite Bird Photos Set" to start growing again sometime next week.)

On another (and slightly more important) note, as we head into the summer, now is a good time to review your disaster plans, and check/rotate your reserve supplies. (FWIW... The "Cape Cod Emergency Preparedness Handbook" is a great source info on this subject regardless of your locale.)

There's one other Spring-type issue that we should visit - that of safety around the water... Look... I don't mean to preach... But I can speak from experience. (I came very close to drowning not once but twice.) For heaven's sake, if you're going out on the water, wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and follow the Coast Guard's safety guidelines. And for you parents out there, it's not good enough to make sure that the kids are wearing their PFDs; make sure that you grown ups are wearing them too. Nowadays, no one can use the excuse that PFDs are clumsy, restrictive, and hence unwearable. Today's life jackets are extremely comfortable and are designed for everyone. (Manufacturers even have PFDs for pets too!) So hit the Web, or get on down to your local marina or boating supply store and pick up PFDs that everyone will actually use. Trust me... The alternative is very unpleasant indeed.

Signing off on a dark and rainy night,

See you by those Spring feeders,


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