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Hurricane Update

Hi all,

Ok, not to freak anyone out, but there seems to be a storm heading towards the eastern seaboard (see little ol' Cape Cod sticking out of the east side of MA?)


Now keep in mind that the hurricane might well veer out to sea and all we'll get (in New England) is some sort of "wind event". But... Just a reminder that New England (and the Cape) have seen this sort of thing before. Witness Hurricane Carol from 1954...

Yacht club_400.jpg

1954 Hurricane_modified_400.jpg

The former shot (src: NOAA) is one of the Edgewood Yacht Club in RI, and the latter reflects the sad state of Lower County Road by Allen's Harbor in Harwich MA (src: Mom). All told, Carol killed roughly 70 people.

Sooo... Early preparation ain't a bad idea even if Hurricane Bill proves to be a no show. Nothing like being proactive. You know the drill... Stock up on batteries, reliable flashlights, water, canned goods and non perishables. Know your exit routes and emergency shelters. Have medication and contact info for all. Keep an emergency radio and cell phone at your fingertips - even in the dark. Blah, blah, blah...

This has been a public service announcement from the feeders,


P.S. If by chance we do get the storm, stay tuned to this blog as I'll try to live stream the puppy!

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