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And the Storm Approaches and Another BNF Hit...

Hi all,

Well... Here we go...


Accuweather.com says:

"The combination of strong winds and heavy snowfall on Wednesday will cause some roads to become impassable as the snow quickly accumulates and drifts. Snow drifts could reach 4 feet in many areas by Wednesday night. The winds will howl past 40 mph at times, with some gusts to 50 mph along the coast.

Motorists who are able to travel will encounter whiteout conditions and very slick, snow-covered roads throughout the day and into the evening. In addition to blowing and drifting the snow, the winds could down snow-laden trees and power lines."

Oh goody! Let's see... Not too much to say about a blizzard... We've got all our emergency supplies in. We have plenty of suet, water (we buy it by the case), and seed. And we certainly know how to dress in layers. If we lose power, so be it.

On a happier, (though perhaps more ominous note) we had a night visitor!

420_BNF RACCOON 2-09-10.PNG

That white blob in the lower center of the screen is a raccoon under the feeders... Was he out foraging in preparation for the storm? I don't know. But there he is... Another trophy for the BNF folder. (That is so cool!)

The winds are picking up so I'll sign off... Be safe!

We'll see you by the feeders,


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