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Oil Spill and Spooky Crow

Hi all,

Deep sigh... Have to discuss that Gulf oil spill again... Let's see where we stand right now 6/1/10 (Obviously these numbers are apx. and probably underestimated):

Today, they're cutting off the riser and that will raise the flow rate by 20% according to U.S. officials. If the replacement dome works (and many are skeptical that it will), we'll have to see where we stand. But if it doesn't work, we're looking at a total of roughly 66,000,000 gallons by the end of August. And even the end-of-summer relief well may not work. What's worse, not only are we are spraying toxic dispersants, but we're also pumping them into the untested environment of 2,000 psi (pressure at 5,000'). Toss in a major storm, and we have a big fat question mark...

Unfortunately, there is a phrase that no one wants to utter about the affected areas - "Dead Zone". That is to say that we may simply have to write off much of the Gulf and the coastal regions of four states. It wouldn't be the first time. Let's just hope for the best...

On to happier news... Hope you had a pleasant and reflective Memorial Day. Over the weekend, I put out some sausage for the crows...

crow with sausageresized on memorial day.JPG

Great photo... But that leads us to our "Creepy Dept."

Just a few moments ago, I heard a "thump" by the front door. I wasn't expecting anyone, but a "thump" it was for sure. When I opened the shade, there sat a crow on the railing. He flew up into the tree and glared. I went back to the keyboard and raised my hands to type. "Thump"... Same bird, same story. So, I put out some old bread. Situation over, right? Just now, ""Thump" yet again.. Suffice it to say, that we're wigged out... I have to go... "someone" is literally scratching at the front door.

See you by the feeders, maybe...


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Tomorrow you MUST tell us who
was thumping!! I can't wait!

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