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Two More Trees Down... At Least the Birds Are Happy


Sorry, but I've only got a short post for what are obvious (Nor' Easter) reasons...

outside looking south_400 IMG_3339.JPG Here are the same two trees down (with the massive maple -- a victim of Tropical Storm Irene in the foreground...) Oh goody... Two maples and a rock-hard cherry that all have to be parsed, then split (by hand) lengthwise for lumber.

back with drain problem 400 IMG_3341.JPG

In our "For What it's Worth Department", one rule stands tall -- birds like a bit of shrubbery around the feeder -- it provides them with protection from predators like hawks. We just wish that this temporary "protection" didn't have to come at the expense of two fallen trees.

Off to deal with the insurance company and the Conservation Trust that owns the property that housed the trees that crashed our party...

By the feeders if I can make it...


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