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A Mother's Work Is Never Done


At least during nesting season, it's not... Here's one of our resident titmice, about to pop back inside the hollow branch and feed her babies.


She's been constantly ferrying back and forth between the nest in the front yard and the feeders in the back yard, with occasional trips to the treeline to pick up bugs and such. She is one hardworking mama! And each time she approaches the nesting cavity, we can hear the cries of the youngsters hoping for food. In fact, it was their noise which tipped me off to the presence of the nest in the first place. Last year that cavity held a nest of downy woodpeckers. This year, it's the titmouse family. Next year... who knows? Maybe a family of flycatchers, who are notorious cavity dwellers.

Oh! And speaking of flycatchers, our great crested flycatchers are back!


I can't help but think they're nesting somewhere in the neighborhood, because I hear that distinctive "Peeeehp! Peeeehp!" so frequently these days. And yet they're so very difficult to spot. It took me nearly 10 minutes to stalk this one and get two (two!!!) decent photos. And he was in the big oak tree, basically right in front of me.

But that's okay. Because, when you're this cute...


...you can pretty much blend in wherever you want.

"Ma Nature's lyrical with her yearly miracle: Spring, Spring, Spring!"

Watching the miracles by the feeder
Mrs. CapeCodAlan

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