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Heat and Dostoyevsky


Well, first, I was going to show you another photo of a crow panting, but it was too hot today to take the image... Instead, here's an old one from a cooler time...


Without our maple tree and no AC in the work areas, I am getting absolutely baked... Oh goody...


Check out the print screen below...


900+ entries on this blog??? Yup... At 300 words per pop, that's 270,000 words... Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment 'only' consisted of 211,591 words. As for the pictures, including our library, we've got 10,000 shots. Lewis Carroll on the other hand only produced about 3,000 images. Dostoyevsky and Carroll -- what a couple of wimps... ;) Serious, over the roughly six years I've been posting, that boils down to about a post every 2.4 days, which fits right in with the boss's initial request of a post every 2 - 3 days... At least that is pretty cool...

With the melting crows by those prolific feeders...


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