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Crested Flycatcher


Some exciting news on the Great Crested Flycatcher front. We had two flycatchers visit yesterday, and by visit, I mean completely scope out the trees, the feeders, the birdhouse, the trellis, and pretty much the whole yard. Even though nesting season is pretty much over, and even though flycatchers are notorious for nesting in tree cavities, these two seemed pretty interested in the birdhouse.

420 coming in for a landing_IMG_4259.JPG

That blur on the right of the photo above is flycatcher #2 flying up to check out the birdhouse (#1 had already checked it out thoroughly, but was thoughtless enough to fly back to the trees before I got the camera out).

420 looking around IMG_4260.JPG

She seems to like the view, and appreciate the proximity of the treeline to the house--not too close, not too far!

420_hmmm IMG_4261.JPG

"Oh look, there's a nice feeder right over there, too. Honey, maybe we should stick around here for a while!"

I hope they do stay for a while--their call make a nice counterpoint to the orioles' "Cheer, cheer, Peter!", and their yellow and olive and rust coloring is a pleasing contrast to the orioles' flamboyant orange.

Adding another avian family by the feeders,

Mrs. CapeCodAlan

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