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Shooting, etc.


In keeping with the effort to provide a bit of variety for this blog, I thought I'd write another post on target shooting. (And of course there's always woodworking, cooking, beer making, photography, poetry, kayaks, rock steps, etc...) The general idea is to keep the blog mostly bird oriented, but at the same time, family oriented and not boring... And so, without further ado...

First thing... Safety!


Today, Mrs. CCA and I went shooting... it was a beautiful day, and the gun club was superb as always. There was a bit of a wind, but great t-shirt weather... All told, I was pretty happy with my results... Check it out... In the pic below the punched paper with the red circles represent freehand shots at 25' from a .38 and the green are from a .22... While a real target shooter would double with laughter with my results, for me they're just fine. Mrs. CCA didn't do quite so well, but she didn't grow up shooting either. (She was still more than respectable though!)

final_25 foot 38 and 22_resized to 420_2012-06-11_224642.jpg

I find the next photo more compelling... That's a 5-shot group at 40 yards using a scoped K-Mart Marlin/Glenfield model 25 bolt action with plain old CCI fodder...

final 22 bolt with scope_420_2012-06-11_232435.jpg

That's not chump change at 40 yards... Given match-grade ammo, a better gun rest, a quality 6X scope, less wind, and I could probably get to about 1" at 50 yards, which would make my week! (In an ideal world, I'd like to own a Remington model 700 .308 target and go hunting sub 1" at 100 yards, but $2k is a bit much... Sigh...)

All said and done though, it's just fun... The focus is on safety and the target, and not the economy or Syria...

Back to the real world...

By the feeders and the targets,

CapeCodAlan and the Mrs.

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