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Not so Stupid World, Crows, Fraternities, etc...

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Sorry I was so snippy in my last post -- it's just that bad days are... well... bad... Anyway, the world isn't completely stupid... (There... That's as contrite as I get...)

The pic right is of the top of the shooting tripod that I thought I had glued (epoxied) into a useless monolithic abomination. Note the red arrow at the bottom -- that's the gearing into which the epoxy crept and in doing so locked the entire sucker up tighter than Dick's hat band... Nothing sweat and a gift for obscenities couldn't fix. Now about those crows and frats...

Below is a crow partaking in some pretty simple leftovers... Not a huge deal right? Well, yes an no... It has become ritual for the corvids to haunt us at certain times of the day, or whenever we have food. O.K., I admit that I'm partially to blame for that -- I don't like to stuff my face knowing that just yards away there's a hungry wild animal that I've happened to know for the last year or so...But now there seems to be some sort of involuntary joining process -- I am a member of the murder, and my dues are due on a bi-daily basis (at best) whether I like it or not.

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I'm not sure what the bennies are beside the crows' guarded trust and an ongoing songbird predator alarm system...

Years ago (back when I was an engineering student), I was asked to join a special fraternity, and after giving it considerable thought, I turned the offer down -- I knew too many who were just as deserving as I, but faced different circumstances. Besides, as the saying so famously goes, "I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member..." But this time, with these birds, it seems that I don't have a choice...

As always, but sometimes reluctantly, by the feeders...


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