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Thought I'd take a break and mumble on incoherently about clouds and the sky for a while... (I'm a firm believer in mastering a wide spectrum of virtually incoherent mumblings... {Yeah, 'mumblings' is a real word native to England... Its French equivalent is 'bafouillage'... The things you learn on a stupid bird blog...}) Anywho, here's a rainbow sort of... Note the carefully crafted red outline... Ummm...


storm warning 420_IMG_4340.JPG

The shot above is an interesting one -- I've noticed a lot of bird activity when these types of clouds gather... Those circumferences (to borrow from Emily Dickinson) are dangerous to be sure... But my gut says that there's more to it -- more to the reason as to why the grackles and red wings scatter... Do they feel change in air pressure? Do they know that soon the air currents aren't going to be flyable? Do they just want to call it an early day and go watch Cavuto? Who knows...

Anyway... That's my take on clouds...

By those feeders...


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