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eBook Review: "The Beauty of Birds" by Jeremy Mynott


First thing... Thoughts and prayers go out to all those folks affected by that maniac in Colorado... Sickening...


If you've been reading this blog for any time, you might remember that I've composed a number of Princeton University Press book reviews, and by and large, my only real complaint was that their publications were paper-based only -- no more. Enter this post's electronic title -- "The Beauty of Birds". (However, remember this is a 'Princeton Short' -- a collection of essentials from the original full text: "Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience"...)

Obviously, some of the the old review process has to change (book logistics such as paper, binding, the immediate and long-term ease of use, organization, photography, overall impression, etc...) Not only will the book itself be considered, but also the electronic delivery system. Consider the interface...

capecodalan bookshelf.jpg



Here we go...

First... As for the tome itself -- it's wonderful. Reading this thing is like sitting down at the bar of the local pub and buying a beer for the pleasant stranger sitting beside you who just happens to be a bird/history wonk. The text flows effortlessly, even irreverently for 30 plus pages... You've got everything from black and white prints to color prints to poetry to Monty Python to the naked human form. Just look at the table of contents:

  • Beauty and the Beholder
  • Volga Delta, 25 May 2007
  • Signs of Life
  • Image and Imagination
  • Colour and Form
  • Art and Nature
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgements and Permissions
  • About the Author
  • Related Titles
For $3.00, this is the best beer you'll ever buy.

About the new "e interface" -- very good. It's very simple (though it can be a tad snarky on the copyright issue), and offers the simple things that folks such as myself long for: the ability to search, make notes, and bookmark. Like I said, that's a super cheap $3.00 beer. Here's a list of the side tabs:

  • Contents
  • Search
  • Notes
  • Bookmarks
  • My Settings
Absolutely... Princeton University Press is on to something with their 'Shorts' and at a ridiculously low price. Hopefully, they'll simply stick with their existing interface, and then simply plug in new content...

The "The Beauty of Birds" is available directly from Princeton, or from outlets such as Amazon.

Go forth and buy...


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