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New Windows, Rain, Heat, Food and Seed Prices, etc...


First up... I apologize for the lag since the last post -- new windows, renovations, and heat take their toll. That being said, the new windows are in and the interior treatments have begun...

420 picture window with shade_IMG_4494.JPG

Here's a screen shot from the eBirdseed.com streaming cam as seen from the new kitchen window...

New window streaming cam screen shot_420_2012 first hummingbird.jpg

Excuse me while I notice that it's raining!!! Yay!!!


This country is facing a serious drought emergency, and you should be aware... Expect veggies etc. to spike in cost towards the forth quarter of 2012... Canned goods are good things... Also vacuum packed and frozen meats go a long way... And don't forget your feathered friends -- buying in bulk now and vacuum packing seed will save money later... word to the wise. (We just started discussing buying an old freezer for storage, and purchasing bulk seed by the hundreds of pounds... Hmmm...)

By the busy feeders,


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