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Ok... Enough with the Heat

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Yeah, 98 stinking degrees at 3PM... Enough already. Last week when we replaced the windows, the temp was the stinking same -- 90 - 100. Since we lost our massive shade maple tree, the summer has been brutal. Add to that no AC (our electrical system is already red line), and we've been sucking sirocco ever since -- ergo you've got the recipe for one cranky blogger. (Before you give me hooey about your temps, remember I'm on Cape Cod, and our heat isn't just humid -- its saturated with hot, moist salt air -- the kind of stuff that would make your shadow sweat and Patti Page move.)

I was talking with my old buddy Don from Michigan today, and he said that it was so hot that he couldn't scratch his backside without busting perspiration -- good description. You know... I've studied this global warming stuff from here 'til eternity... I've looked at all sides. All I can come up with is that yes, the climate is changing, but it's always changing. I don't know the percentage causality anymore than I know what the odds are for rain here on the Old Homestead a month from next Tuesday...

Too hot to debate...

By the feeders...


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OK CCA. Eat your heart out.
I've just gotten back to FL from a week in Juneau Alaska. The temps there were unusually high. 55 degrees high and 40's at night. It's now 90dF in SE FL. Ready to go back to AK. I'll send you a jpeg photo of a huge iceburg at the Sawyer Glacier.
Harry "Gipper" Morris

Hi Harry,

Missed you...

As for AK... You're killing me... I long to move to cold weather like AK or Caribou ME (I live in Caribou for a couple of years...) In an ideal world, I'd like to have a Piper Super Cub, or better yet a rugged home built... Build a nice little log cabin with Mrs. CCA and breath the unfettered air...

Thanks for the input as always, and look forward to the pic(s)...


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