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Out with the Old and In with the New

Despite the heat of the past few days, we've been working with our friend/contractor, Bill, to get our new windows installed. This entails ripping out the old windows (original to our nearly 40-year-old house) and replacing them with high-end double glazed energy-efficient swing-and-clean new ones. And the new ones are beautiful!

420 out with the old and in with the new_IMG_4442.jpg

As you can see above, the new window on the left (still with stickers and protective plastic) provides a beautiful contrast to the old window on the right. The new one is guaranteed for life! On the other hand, the old one is quite frankly rotting... Bye bye!

The install process itself is grueling but not particularly difficult--if you're an engineer, mechanic, woodworker, or such. Being unskilled labor, I've been standing around and doing what I'm told; everything from plugging in extension cords to pounding out the old windowsills. The actually work is being done by Bill and CapeCodAlan, and I'm ever so glad to stay in the background on this; my fingernails are in shreds already, and we're just over halfway done. And the hard part is yet to come...

Replacing the big front picture window is going to be the task of the day tomorrow. And it's going to be a doozy!

Chewing my nails by the feeder,

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