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Picture Window Revisited and LED Lights...


As promised, here's our new picture window (hidden behind the new tab top curtains...)

homestead 420 IMG_4566.JPG

The window doesn't have all the muntins of the old one, so the look is much more open and airy for the room. We're going to have to do something about the glass in that we've already had two bird hits... But time, dirt, and sun catchers should speak to that.

As for the living room itself... Eventually, we'll get rid of the over-sized furniture and replace that with less obtrusive fodder. One new feature we already love are the new LED lights. They use nine watts of power, have the illuminating power of a 65 watt incandescent, emit a soft white light, contain no mercury, last a gazillion years, and perhaps best of all give off extremely little heat. We paid $16 for each of ours, and will never go back. While $16 sounds like a lot I'd guess that they'd pay for themselves within a couple of years in electricity savings. To find the right LEDs for you, I'd recommend searching Amazon, checking out the products with the most good customer reviews and then taking action. like I said, we'll never go back...

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