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420 monster shadow IMG_7363.JPG

Well there you go... I'll swear on a stack of Bibles or any Holy Books that that is an untouched photo; I took it myself. That's proof positive that werewolves exist, or at least their shadows do..

One small problem -- that pic is nothing more than a freak happenstance -- a bunch of plastic bags that happened to block light in a whimsical fashion. And that's part of the problem with the world today -- from bird identification to UFOligists to 'climate change experts' -- sometimes we take snippets of time and space and proclaim universal truth.

Here's a great exchange from the old 'Honeymooners' show:

Norton to Ralph: "I saw a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker."

Ralph: "And HOW do you know that?"

Norton: "Cuz it had a yellow belly, and it was suckin' sap..."

Bunk!!! (And no Al Gore, the North Pole is holding its own...) Just look at what passes for 'science' today: http://www.history.com/videos/monsterquest-giant-bird-footage#thunderbird-explained...

I don't know... This is one of the benies of backyard birding -- we don't have to debunk or worry about 'un-think' -- we just asterisk. "Mrs. CCA thought she saw a merganser, but it could have been a hummingbird..."

By those simple feeders...


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It's not a werewolf. It's a bear.

It was a WereBear!!

Ah, to keep peace in the family.

Hi Harry!

Good to hear from you!

Peace indeed...

Hope you're following the latest fiction... Surprise ending coming up... Eat your heart out Stephen King!

Best to all,

CCA and Mrs. CCA

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