August 3, 2011

Kindly Feeder of Birds or Neighborhood Nuisance?

Hi, It was probably just a matter of time, if it hasn't happened already... An individual has been charged with ground-feeding birds, and in doing so attracting rodents and violating Bloomington Minnesota law... This is such a tangled issue. Consider the picture...

Six seagulls resized_IMG_2355.JPG

I'm just going to throw out some thoughts and go from there...

  • If ever there was a loud, messy, raucous creature, the seagull would be it. Do I stop feeding the crows because the seagulls sometimes raid their feeder?
  • Speaking of crows... What about them? They too can be a rowdy bunch. Do I stop feeding the crows? That would be a huge problem for me in that I've spent the last year or more studying crow behavior -- to shun the crows would be a major bummer.
  • And then there are the squirrels who will find food and raise havoc come the river Styx or high water...
  • Finally, there are the foxes, coyotes, grackles, and turkeys that gravitate to our feeders
I don't know what the answer is... I truly don't. If my neighbor was feeding birds and that drew rats, I'd be ticked. Who wouldn't be? Then again, I had two neighbors who refused to control their dogs. One animal destroyed part of our lawn, and the other tried to attack me on my own deck. And then there were other neighbors who liked to have that occasional loud party complete with fireworks. I find that kind of stuff galling if not downright dangerous.

I guess, the ultimate answer is simply to be aware of the concerns of those around us. Talking with neighbors and policing feeders probably isn't a bad idea either.

Deep sigh...

By the feeders...


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