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Critters Wildlife Food 14 lbs.

Critters Wildlife Food 14 lbs.

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DescriptionIngredientsWhat birds eat this?
Two 7 lb. bags. "The Furry Friend Blend" Feeders attract both feathered and furry wildlife and they can be equally fascinating and fun to watch. Many of the same quality seeds and nuts that attract and nourish the birds that we so enjoy having visit are also flavor favorites of squirrels, raccoons, deer and chipmunks. Wherever possible, create a separate and distant feeding area for your fuzzy friends. Birds can eat without competition from squirrels by designating a specific area where they are consistently fed. Convenient 7 lb. Bags keep seed fresher longer and are easier to carry and store.oil sunflower
stripe sunflower
inshell peanuts
tree nuts *
pumpkim seeds

* tree nuts may include one or more of the following nuts: pistachios, almonds, pecans, walnuts and filberts