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Seed Mixes Single Seeds
Suet Plus by St. Alban's Bay Nyjer Plus
Premium Wild Bird Mix Finch Mix
Backyard Buffet Black Oil Sunflower
Canary Seed Cracked Corn, Whole Corn and Ear Corn
In Shell Peanuts Large Striped Sunflower
Nyjer Seed Peanuts Bits & Pieces
Red Millet Safflower
Sunflower Hearts & Chips White Millet
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Stokes Select Nyjer Plus Critter Snack Select
Cardinal Songbird Select Nut and Fruit Select
Stokes Select Wild Bird Mix Finch Select
Western Birds Select Premium Black Oil Sunflower
Premium Sunflower Chips Premium Safflower
Stokes Select Thistle Cherry Cobbler
NAS Sunflower Hearts Finch Festival
Sunflower Melody Critters Wildlife Food
NYCAS Stokes Select Product Line
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Please select a product:
Gift Certificate Large Striped Sunflower 4 lbs.
Large Striped Sunflower 8 lbs. Large Striped Sunflower 16 lbs.
Sunflower Hearts & Chips 20 lbs. Sunflower Hearts & Chips 40 lbs.
Sunflower Hearts & Chips 60 lbs. Whole Sunflower Kernels / Hearts 50 lbs.
Whole Sunflower Kernels / Hearts 8 lbs. Peanuts Pieces 15 lbs.
Peanuts Pieces 40 lbs. Peanuts Pieces 5 lbs.
Ear Corn - Whole Corn on the Cob 5 lbs. Nyjer Seed 20 lbs.
Nyjer Seed 40 lbs. Nyjer Seed 60 lbs.
In Shell Peanuts 18 lbs. In Shell Peanuts 6 lbs.
Cracked Corn 4 lbs. Cracked Corn 8 lbs.
Cracked Corn 16 lbs. White Millet - Hulled 10 lbs.
White Millet - Hulled 50 lbs. Water Wiggler
Buffet Double Window Feeder HummZinger Mini Hummingbird Feeder
Window Cafe' Hopper Feeder Super Dome Baffle
Vista Dome Feeder The Oriole Feeder
Hummzinger Ultra Hummingbird Feeder Finch Festival 7 lbs.
Finch Festival 14 lbs. Finch Festival 42 lbs.
Cherry Cobbler 5 lbs. Cherry Cobbler 10 lbs.
Cherry Cobbler 30 lbs. Critters Wildlife Food 7 lbs.
Critters Wildlife Food 14 lbs. Critters Wildlife Food 42 lbs.
Sunflower Melody 7 lbs. Sunflower Melody 14 lbs.
Sunflower Melody 42 lbs. Buy any 4 bags and the 5th is FREE!
Jelly Feeder Fliteline Junior 30 oz Oriole Feeder
Squirrel Blocker Champion Dura-Lite Classic Tube
Dura-Lite Classic Thistle Metal Haven
Metal Nyjer Haven Metal Safe Haven Tube Feeder
Metal Selective Squirrel-Proof Selective
Squirrel-Proof Accent Selective Squirrel Blocker Selective
Super Cling-a-Wing Window Cardinal Classic
Classics Sunflower Tube Feeder 16 inch Mini Tubular 8 in. 2.5 lbs.
Seed Tray - A6 Garden Pole Adapter
Executive Tubular Sunflower Feeder 30 inch B7 Domed Cage Feeder 6 lbs.
Classics Sunflower Tube Feeder 20 inch B-Tray Connector
Birdfeeder Brush, 24 in. Bird House Mount w/Screws
15in. Nyjer For Finches 15in. Red Bird Lovers Nyjer
15 in. Red Bird Lovers Seed Bird Lovers 15 inch Red Songbird Feeder Kit
15 in. Seed For Songbirds 15in. Yellow Bird Lovers Nyjer
15 in. Yellow Bird Lovers Seed 8 in. Nyjer For Finches
8 in. Red Bird Lovers Nyjer 8 in. Red Bird Lovers Seed
8 in. Seed For Songbirds 8 in. Yellow Bird Lovers Nyjer
8 in. Yellow Bird Lovers Seed Big Top Bird Feeder
New Complete Clamp Sunflower Feeder Burgundy Seed 15 in.
Sunflower Feeder 15 in. Copper Sunflower Feeder 15 in. Green
Sunflower Feeder 15 in. Gold Sunflower Feeder 15 in. Platinum
Sunflower Feeder Burgundy Seed 23 in. Sunflower Feeder 23 in. Green
Sunflower Feeder 8 in. Green Burgundy Thistle Feeder 15 in.
Nyjer Feeder 15 in. Copper 15 in.Grn Metal Thistle Fdr, 6 Ports
Yellow Metal Thistle Fdr. 15 in. Burgundy Thistle Feeder 23 in.
23 in. Green Metal Thistle Fdr, 8 Ports Double Arm Mount and Hanger
The Incredible Adjustable Deck Clamp and Hanger Mounting Arm
Observer Window Feeder Stainless Steel Suet Feeder
Sunflower Domed Cage Suet Feeder-Double
Suet Feeder with Pole Clamp Suet Feeder with Pole Clamp Double
Squirrel Guard Baffle Thistle Domed Cage
The Winner Yankee Flipper
Standard Suet Cage Thistle Sack - Yellow Floral
Catalog Item Finch Bell 1.1 lbs.
Peanut Bell 1.1 lbs. Cedar Log with Perches
Cedar Upside Down Suet Log Absolute Combo (Pole & Hanger)
Absolute II Platform Feeder Squirrel Go Round
Live Mealworms (medium) 1000 count Live Mealworms (medium) 5000 count
Live Mealworms (medium) 10,000 count Birdie Wreath
Fruit Berry Nut & Seed Cake 2-pack Birdie Chalet
Peanut Butter Suet Cake Large Wire Feeder
Bird Nester Refill Pack Bird Nester Wire
Rubicon Meal Worm Feeder Woodpecker Feeder
Post Mount Blue Bird Feeder Birdberry Jelly case (incl. twelve 20 oz bottles)
Twirl-A-Squirrel/Spiral Grn. Finch Feeder Bundle Twirl-A-Squirrel/Spiral Alum. Sunflower Feeder Bundle
Metal Spiral Finch Tube Feeder Copper Spiral Finch Tube Feeder
Black Spiral Finch Tube Feeder Green Spiral Finch Tube Feeder
Copper Spiral Sunflower Feeder Black Spiral Sunflower Feeder
Green Spiral Sunflower Feeder Clear Screw-On Seed Tray
Twirl-A-Squirrel baffle Solar Birdbath Weathered Stone
Birdbath Country Gardens No Waste Select 7.5 lbs.
No Waste Select 15 lbs. No Waste Select 45 lbs.
Critter Snack Select 7.5 lbs. Critter Snack Select 15 lbs.
Critter Snack Select 45 lbs. Cardinal Songbird Select 7 lbs.
Cardinal Songbird Select 14 lbs. Cardinal Songbird Select 42 lbs.
Nut and Fruit Select 4 lbs. Nut and Fruit Select 16 lbs.
Nut and Fruit Select 48 lbs. Premium Black Oil Sunflower 10 lbs.
Premium Black Oil Sunflower 20 lbs. Premium Black Oil Sunflower 30 lbs.
Finch Select 7.5 lbs. Finch Select 15 lbs.
Finch Select 45 lbs. Stokes Sunflower Suet ~ 12 cakes
Stokes Blueberry Suet ~ 12 cakes Stokes Apple Suet ~ 12 cakes
Premium Safflower 7.5 lbs. Premium Safflower 15 lbs.
Premium Safflower 45 lbs. Stokes Select Berry Suet ~ 12 cakes
Stokes High Energy Suet ~ 12 cakes Stokes Select Peanut Suet ~ 12 cakes
Stokes Select Woodpecker Suet ~ 12 cakes Stokes Variety Suet Cake Pack ~ 12 cakes
12-month Deluxe Audubon Birdseed Subscription 6-month Deluxe Audubon Birdseed Subscription
Audubon Subscription ADMIN Birdwatcher's Choice Canned Meal Worms
Fly Thru Pest Proof Bird Feeder Solid Wood Suet Plug Feeder
Thistle Sack - Yellow Floral - GIFT with on-line purchase. Easy Clean Seed & Thistle Feeder Set
National Geographic Field Guide Birds N.A. 5th The Sibley Guide to Birds
Backyard Bird Feeders Bible Attracting Birds to Your Backyard
North America Birdfeeder Guide Mesh Ball Feeder - w/Roof
Supreme Blend 5 lbs. Supreme Blend 10 lbs.
Supreme Blend 30 lbs.

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