Top 16 Bird Bath Products – Updated 

Do you love birdwatching and having wild birds come into your yard? From bird feeders to birdhouses and birdbaths, there are many ways to welcome the winged creatures. One of the most popular ways to attract birds is with water. A bird who is looking for a habitat to call home or is just visiting, will need water just as much as they need food. Birds utilize water in a variety of ways just as a human being would. Beyond hydrating themselves, preening and cleaning are important for birds to stay healthy and free from parasites.

Did you know that in the wild it is hard for birds to find water? By adding a water source to your garden or yard, you not only attract birds but you ultimately help them out in many ways. A bird bath is a best water feature for a bird to have access to clean water. There are many different kinds of bird baths from simple to sophisticated. All bird baths are not created equal, so there are a few things to be sure of when purchasing one. First, the basin should be non-slippery. Second, the depth of the basin should be about 1″ to 3″. Lastly, the bath should be easy to clean and fill with water. To discover the best bird baths, look at our list below to find the perfect one  for you and your outdoor space.

1. Farm Innovators Model BD-75

Top Pick 3in1 Heated Birdbath 
Farm Innovators - Heated Bath

  • With three different mounting options, this birdbath can be set up anywhere very easily
  • Energy efficient thermostat, 75 watts of power
  • Tested to 10 degrees below freezing
  • Plastic basin is easy to lift and clean
  • Metal base has been powder coated to protect from rust
  • Comes in green or terra cotta colors
  • Manufacturer provides a one year limited warranty


This birdbath is easy to clean and is capable of year round use. It also has multiple mounting options, and comes in two colors: green or terra cotta and has a one year limited warranty.


Plastic basin may fade or crack when exposed to sun.

This Farm Innovators all season birdbath is easy to install and will only heat when necessary, making it a cost effective option. Also, with three mounting choices you can place this best bird bath where ever your feathered friends like to congregate.




2. API Heated Birdbath 

Best Choice Mounted Birdbath

API- With Mounting Hardware

  • Enclosed heating element to provide ice free water all winter
  • Made of durable plastic with a 20″ diameter basin
  • Mounting hardware included for easy, quick installation


Rim design makes for easy perching and is 2″ deep for bathing. The bath is thermostatically controlled and provides 150 watts of power.


It does not come with a stand which will need to be purchased separately.

The API heated bird bath includes mounting hardware, and comes in the color white. This is 20″ wide and is 2″ in depth.  However, this birdbath does not come with a stand.




3. Yosager Bird Bath Deck Bowl Spa

Ideal Mount Birdbath

Yosager Deck Bowl Spa

  • Has an easy to mount clamp, basin is 13″ in diameter
  • Mounting hardware is made from heavy duty, powder coated steel
  • Basin is made from polypropylene plastic


The bath is easy to mount and remove from deck with no tools required. The 13″ diameter accommodates several birds at once and is easy to clean.


The basin is made from polypropylene and may degrade and fade in sunlight overtime. This birdbath is not heated.

The Yosager  clamps securely to most deck railings and is easily removed and cleaned. Heavy duty, powder coated steel hardware will resist rust and stand up to most weather.




4. Aristea Nova 30 cm 

Best Double Deck Mounted Birdbath

Aristea Nova

  • Has an 11.5″ diameter basin that mounts securely with a non-slip clamp
  • Comes in 3 colors: black, off white and terracota
  • Steel hardware is powder coated to prevent rust
  • Can double as a bird feeder in the winter


The bath securely clamps to most decks up to 2″ in width. Comes in three different colors and is easy to install, remove and clean.


This birdbath is not heated and is made from polypropylene, which may fade over time when exposed to sun.

The Aristea Nova  is a versatile addition to your garden. It can double as a feeder in the winter since it is not heated, and is also perfect for patios and small garden areas.




5. Monarch Abode 17065

Best Hanging Hammered Copper Bird Bath

Monarch Abode 17065

  • Hammered copper bowl has an 11″ diameter
  • Iron rim properly secures copper bowl into place
  • Simple one step assembly, just hang and fill


The bath is attractive and simple to set up. Can act as a feeder also.


Diameter is not conducive to accommodate a lot of birds. Copper plated and is subject to change color.

The copper basin of the Monarch Abode is inviting to birds and makes a beautiful bird scape addition. With chains included, this eye-catching birdbath is simple to set up and instantly fill and clean when needed.




6. MUMTOP 11-inch 

Top Pick Glass Bird Bath

MUMTOP 11-inch

  • Beautiful peacock painted patterned glass basin
  • High quality glass with steel hanging chain
  • Has an 11′ diameter glass basin


Eye catching design will attract birds. Weather resistant and rust proof and easy to clean.


May crack in cold weather. Not large enough to gather many birds; more than one may be required.

The MUMTOP hanging glass bird bath will brighten any yard. Sturdy, durable and beautiful, this gorgeous garden water feature is quick and easy to hang and fill on any porch or patio.




7. Evergreen Colorful Tiffany Style

Captivating Glass Birdbath

Evergreen Colorful Tiffany Style

  • Holds up to 3 cups of water
  • Tiffany style glass that has 11.25″ diameter
  • Comes with durable chain for easy hanging


Holds are large amount of water or bird food. Easy to install as well as clean out.


Paint may chip or peel off from the basin. Glass may crack when subjected to freezing temperatures.

The artistically designed Evergreen Tiffany style birdbath is sure to bring all the birds to your garden. From summer to winter, this can entertain your wild winged friends when either filled with bird food or water.



8. Patio Style Concepts

Perfect Hanging Cedar Birdbath

Patio Style Concepts

  • Made with naturally weather resistant cedar wood
  • Includes all installation hardware: chain, hook and eye screws
  • Sturdy design with easy to clean plastic tray


Sturdy natural design blends well into the garden. Can act as a feeder or birdbath.


At its widest point the bath is 12″, so it cannot handle too many birds at once. Cleaning will involve taking the product apart.

Patio Style Concepts is  made of cedar are aromatic, and have a natural design that fits any style of outdoor space. From the top of the hook to bottom of the product, the bath has a total hanging length of 16″.





9. KKY 28 Inch Bird Bath

Easy to set up Birdbath

KKY 28 Inch Bird Bath

  • It is made from lightweight resin
  • Assembly is easy and quick with the included ground piles
  • Comes in two colors: Green and Copper
  • Large 20″ basin which can hold up to 0.8 gallons of water


Assembly and set up is not hard to complete as it comes with 3 ground piles. The resin makeup of this product will not degrade, fade or break over time.


Weighing in at only 5.5 pounds, the bath could fall over if not properly installed. Does require assembly and tools to install into the ground.

Standing at 28.25″ high, the KKY birdbath can hold several birds and once. Its antique design and durable material will add a touch of vintage to any garden or courtyard.




10. Allied Precision Industries (650) Heated Bird Bath

Best For Winter

Allied Precision Industries (650) Heated Bird Bath

  • Is heated, provides 150 watts of power
  • Hinged clamp on bracket for simple tilt and clean
  • The power cord stores underneath when it is not in use
  • Light stone color
  • Basin is 20″ in diameter


Large, heated basin easily mounts to decking. Bracket is hinged for easy dumping and cleanup.


Basin is deep and may need something in the bottom to make it more functional for the birds to use.

The API heated birdbath can be used all year round. It will be a snap to cleanup with its easy tilt bracket; just tilt, dump and clean. The light stone color is a beautiful addition to any natural bird scape design.




11. Kante RC01098A-C80091

Great Lightweight Traditional Flower Diamond Patterned Birdbath

Kante RC01098A-C80091

  • Made from lightweight concrete and fiberglass, fiber clay
  • Strong and durable against the weather
  • 22.8″ wide basin with sturdy base


Has a classic design and made to be strong and durable. There is a built in drainage hole and the basin is large.


Possibility of breaking during shipping. Product weighs 32 pounds and requires lifting.

A traditional birdbath engraved along the rim of the bowl, this best bird bath will draw birds to your garden often. The Kante RC01098A-C80091 is made up of best fiberglass and concrete which also resists UV and capable of handling all seasons.




12. YUYUSO for Outdoor Garden

Simple Hanging Bird Bath

YUYUSO for Outdoor Garden

  • The basin is made of polypropylene plastic and has an iron rust proof chain
  • Wide 12″ bowl can be hung from any branch or placed on a stand
  • Easy to install


Perfect size for an apartment, patio or small backyards. Easy and quick to fill and install.


Plastic material may degrade and fade when exposed to the sun. The basin could be slippery for the birds to use.

The YUYUSO bird bath can be quickly installed in any yard or patio as a  feeder also. Birds will enjoy sitting around the rim drinking and bathing in this simple yet classically designed bird bath.





13. VCUTEKA Glass Bird Bath 

Stunning With Metal Stand

VCUTEKA Glass Bird Bath

  • Has a pretty yet practical design
  • Basin has 18″ diameter
  • Comes with a durable weather resistant metal stand
  • Company offers a lifetime after sales service


No assembly required. Just set the basin in stand and the suctions cups do all of the work.


Not suitable for all seasons.

This beautiful product from VCUTEKA is fun to look at and is functional too. With a durable metal stand and 4 suction cups to hold the basin in place. Hence, this colorfully painted bath is sure to attract plenty of birds to your garden.




14. Arcadia Garden Products BB04

Best Fiberclay  BirdbathArcadia Garden Products BB04

  • Tool free assembly
  • Comes in a beautiful green patina color
  • Made of lightweight fiber clay, fiberglass and concrete
  • Large basin has a 19.5″ diameter


The bath is made of a sturdy, weather resistant material. No tools required to assemble.


Could arrive broken. Will require a bit of scrubbing when cleaning it out.

Arcadia Garden Products build birdbath to withstand the elements. The vintage appearance of this birdbath will complement best at any outdoor area. It comes with 3 pieces which are easy to assemble.




15. Farm Innovators Model HBC-120

Ideal For All Season Heated  BirdbathFarm Innovators Model HBC-120

  • Heated birdbath has a hidden electrical connection
  • Compression molded design stands up to the weather
  • Mounts to deck with an easy twist off basin
  • Thermostatically controlled


Simple to set up. Easy to clean with twist off basin.


Doesn’t come with a cord to plug in with.

This all season, thermostatically controlled from Farm Innovators is stable and built to last. The basin easily removes for cleaning and comes in a stone like color that is pleasing to look at.. In addition to, this comes with a three year limited warranty from the manufacturer.




16. GESAIL Deceir

Best Birdbath Deceir

  • 120V, 50 watt de-icer with thermostat GESAIL Deceir
  • Suitable to any bird baths
  • Made of heavy duty cast aluminum
  • Easy to clean
  • Will not rust, calcify or stain bath basin
  • 25 inch UL listed PVC electric cord length is 17.75″ long
  • Comes in three colors: gray, cream and green


Easy to set up by simply placing in basin and plugging in. Best to used with various kinds of bird baths. Comes in three colors to match most bird baths. Also, it is cover in cast aluminum to protect animals from scalding by the heating element.


The cord may not be long enough to reach outlets when placed. It can bee seen hanging from birdbath.

The GESAIL 50watt birdbath de-icer is great for making any bird bath heated. It has an enamel finish which makes it easy to clean.




A Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing the best bird baths for your yard, patio or garden can be quite simple by following just a few rules of thumb. Below are several tips for you to review before you spend your money on a birdbath for your outdoor space.

  • Consider where you live and if you will need an all season birdbath
  • How do you want it displayed: will it hang, stand on a pedestal or will it be mounted
  • Would you want to attract just a few birds or many
  • Materials made of

When considering the above information, buying it for your garden can be simple when you have done your research. The most important thing to remember is the goal you are trying to achieve while still obtaining the design that you want. A hanging glass bird bath will not be suitable for someone wanting flocks of feathered friends to visit. If dealing with a small space or yard, then a hanging or a mounted birdbath would be most suitable. Furthermore, birdbaths along with other waters features such as misters, fountains or bird waters are perfect for ensuring there is plenty of water to go around.

Bird baths are great for all ages that enjoy watching and caring for birds in the wild. Remember, access to clean water is very difficult for most birds throughout the year. Supplying water in the winter is even harder because of freezing temperatures. Many birdbaths come with heaters that keep the water thawed in the winter. A benefit to adding water in addition to food is that all birds need and want water. So although the food you may offer isn’t for every species, the water will be.

Common Terms

Basin – the bowl that holds the water for the bird to bathe and drink from.

Bird bath – a water feature used to help supply clean water to birds for bathing and drinking. They can be free standing, hanging or mounted.

Birdscaping – planning your outdoor area with birds in mind by adding water, food, plants and trees, nesting material and housing.

Bird waterer – a device that dispenses water much like a seed feeder would.

Bird Bath De-icer – a device placed in a bird bath basin to thaw the water in freezing temperatures.

Mister – a device hooked to a hose or pond pump that sprays a fine mist of water into the air.

Preening – when a bird straightens and cleans its feathers with its beak.

Thermostatically controlled – the thermostat is a thermally actuated switch that changes between the “on” and “off” state at a specific temperature.

Bird Bath Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bird Bath?

A bird bath is a water feature used to help supply clean water to birds for bathing and drinking.

Where Can You Buy These Products?

Bird baths can be bought online through Amazon, specialty pet store websites or bird retail sites. In store, bird baths can be found at most home and garden stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. They can also be purchased at farming stores such as Tractor Supply.

How to Get Birds to Use a Bird Bath?

It’s be best to place the bath near bird feeders or housing. Keep the water clean and safe, as well as keep pests like squirrels away.

How Deep Should It Be?

A bird bath should be 1″ to 3″ deep to allow the birds to drink and clean themselves safely. If you find your basin is too deep add decorative stones in the bottom so they have a place to stand.

What Makes a Good Bird Bath?

A best bird bath will be the right size for the amount of birds you want to attract. It will have a non slip basin and provide a proper rim for the birds to stand on. Most importantly the bath will be easy to clean and fill with water.

Where to Place Bird Baths?

Place baths near feeders, other water features or plants and trees where they tend to congregate to entice birds to visit. Look around your yard, where do the birds tend to gather?

How to Maintain a Bird Bath?

Bird baths must be cleaned regularly ensuring that clean water is provided for the birds. Make sure it is not electrical hazard to anyone.

How to Stabilize a Bird Bath?

Most free standing baths will need a flat surface so they do not wobble or tilt when in use. Some free standing bath come with piles that go into the ground that will help to steady them. On the other hand, if it is mounted, you need to check and tighten all hardware regularly.

Common Brands

Most common brands of bird baths include API, Farm Innovators, Arcadia Garden Products and MUMTOP, which have all been included above. When looking at various brands, I always look to ones that clearly explain what they are selling and their dimensions of the product are easy to read. When purchasing online, looking through the brands review section is important. Does the product work and last as specified?  Did it arrive like stated on the site?. These are all questions we look for when we are doing research to compile lists for you like the one above.


Birdbaths and birdwatching span back through history and have now become common things in today’s society. Whether you are an avid bird watcher or you just enjoy the sight of wild birds flocking about your yard, a birdbath is a great way to welcome them. Most importantly, by providing a water feature to your outdoor area, you are helping birds tremendously. Providing fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing could mean the difference between life and death for some birds migrating and settling into your area. We hope that this list has helped to educate you on your purchase of your future bird bath as well as answer any questions you may have had.