The Best Feeders For Small Birds


Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month in America? Studies have shown that bird feeding is a well-enjoyed practice in this country, even ranking among its top pastimes. This exciting hobby did not just pop up yesterday: it has been reported to have been a well-known practice as early as 1845, or even earlier. This practice has grown so much that nowadays it is approximated that well over 50 million American residents put out bird feed approximated at more than a billion pounds. Isn’t that incredible? Actually, a third of the adult American population feeds indigenous birds right in their backyards. This naturally enjoyable practice has even gone ahead to become the second most prevalent hobby after gardening!


Bird feeding isn’t just about putting out seeds and waiting for them to come. You have to be keen on selecting the right the perfect bird feeder for the kind of small birds you are interested in feeding. In this article, I am going to recommend some of the top feeders on our radar. These are the most convenient way for you to attract wild birds and enjoy a relaxing day of watching them as they feed. Bird feeding is just as beneficial to you as it is to them.

Most feeders provide a welcome energy-filled supplement for the food they find in nature but sometimes it ends up being detrimental to their health. Feeders attract all sorts of birds, some of them ailing with diseases that are bound to pass between themselves. This is because of the usual crowding and build-up of poo common with feeders. Keep reading to find out more about these feeders and hopefully even find the perfect one for your home.

Top 12 Small Bird Feeder Reviews –  Updated 2021



1) Woodllink Caged Bird Feeder

Contemporary Tube Feeder

This squirrel-resistant caged feeder is designed with steel construction and up to six feeding ports. The tube on which the ports are drilled is made of high-quality plastic. It has a capacity of at least 1.25 pounds. The metal grid cage is strong reinforcement for the entire structure with a metal lid.


  • Easy to remove and refill the tube
  • Squirrel-resistant
  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Provides shelter from rain and predators
  • Simple to mount



  • Squirrels can open the metal lid


This feeder is an all-in-one package for bird feeding. It provides both space, security, and food for the plants and requires little maintenance.




2) Black Finch Tube Feeder

Unique Small Bird Feeder

This distinctive feeder has an eccentric wire mesh design which provides adequate feeding space for perching and clinging birds. It is 100% metal with no wood or plastic. There’s a baffler top to stop squirrels from accessing the feed while offering shelter.


  • Attracts both perching and clinging birds.
  • Holds up to two pounds of thistle seed at a time.
  • The feeder is very durable.
  •  Serve up to 15 small birds at a time thanks to its wire mesh design.
  •  There’s a top contraption that offers shelter from the rain and other elements.
  • It is simple to clean.
  • No maintenance requirements.


  •  You may get an overwhelming number of birds in your backyard.


In addition to its amazing features, this feeder has segments inside the feeding tube that help birds to cling to different parts of the column until they have emptied it. It is going to attract a large number of small birds in your home.






3) Perky-Pet Shorty Finch Feeder

Low-Maintenance Straight-Sided Feeder

This worthwhile feeder has a wire mesh feeding tube and is 100% metal. It can hold up to 0.7 pounds of thistle and has a convenient lid that provides shelter. The feeder has a landing for perching birds while those that cling have the wire mesh. Also, the wire mesh is powder coated to prevent corrosion.


    • Very durable
    • Prevents squirrel damage
    • Not difficult to clean
    •  Water does not pool in the tube thanks to its in-built drainage holes.
    • Accommodates many birds at a time
    • It has no wood in its structure so no risk of mold infestation.


  • The top is not large enough to block rain


If there’s any feeder that will make your backyard the go-to spot for all the beautiful birds in your neighborhood, it’s got to be this one. You just need to refill and clean it once in a while. The adequate airflow provided by the mesh keeps the seeds fresh and free of moisture.





4) Stokes Select Bird Feeder

Sturdy Finch Screen Feeder

This charming feeder is designed with a mesh screen where birds can cling and feed. It has a tray for perching birds and a lid that provides shelter from the rain. Like most metallic feeders, the mesh is powder-coated to prevent rust and increase its durability. It can hold up to one pound of feed at a time and has interior drain holes to ensure that water does not accumulate inside it.


  • Accommodates multiple Finches and Siskins
  •  It has a seed divert mechanism that equally fills every section.
  • Simple to clean
  • Strong and durable
  • You can refill it with ease by twisting the top


  •  No adequate protection against water when it rains.
  • It’s not squirrel-proof.


This feeder attracts Purple, House, and Gold Finches, Pine Siskins, and other small species. It’s relatively smaller than the other feeders in terms of capacity but it works just as well.





5) GrandSiri Feeding Cup

Transparent Acrylic Bird Feeder

This ornate feeder is crafted from high-quality and safe materials. It is shaped like a cup with a handle and a lid to prevent food spillage.


  •  It is easy to clean
  • Transparent and ideal for bird watchers
  • Not difficult to install
  • Safe and durable


  • Very small


The feeder cup is most commonly used to feed birds in a cage so it may not be ideal for you if you are looking to place it outdoors and watch wild birds feeding. It is also quite small and suitable for only one or two.





6) Woodlink Coppertop Tube Feeder

Simple Thistle Mini Tube Feeder

The tube feeder is expertly designed with copper and aluminum materials. It has a cap and a base in addition to the mesh tube. The bottom tray has drainage holes while the cap is fitted with a hanging cable for quick installation. It can hold about half a pound of thistle and comes fully assembled.


  • It supports clinging and perching birds.
  • Sliding metal cap for easy refilling
  • Rust-resistant
  •  Easy to hang on a branch
  • Does not accumulate water in the feeding tube
  • Simple to clean


  • Quite small
  •  No shelter in rainy weather


This feeder is perfect for hanging in your backyard. Also, this is ideal for those who want to feed birds on a small scale and offers unmatched convenience in terms of filling up and maintenance.





7) Aspects Mini HummBlossom Feeder

Fancy Hummingbird Feeder

This stylish bird feeder is specifically intended for hummingbird feeding but is likely to attract other birds as well. It has a wide space for the birds to perch and has a nectar capacity of four ounces. The reservoir is at the core of the feeder with the flower-design feeding ports spread out for multiple birds.


  • Very attractive
  •  A lot of perching space
  • Individual feeding ports for multiple birds
  •  High-quality plastic material
  •  Comes in a pack of two.


  • Not ideal for clinging birds
  • Water is likely to accumulate in its reservoir
  • No shelter from the rain


The feeder is a beautiful addition to your backyard and functional. However, the maintenance requirements are higher compared to other feeders because it is open and might accumulate both water and dirt.





8) Juegoal Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

Cost-Effective Transparent Hummingbird Feeder

This beautifully crafted feeder is made from sturdy plastic material and has a brass hanging rod affixed to it for your convenience. It has a detachable cover with up to 8 feeding ports to cater for each bird. The feeder has a 12-ounce nectar capacity. The built-in moat prevents insects and ants from accessing the feeder’s interior.


  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Large nectar capacity
  • Attracts beautiful hummingbirds for you to view
  • Can feed up to eight birds at a time


  • You have to refill nectar frequently


This feeder is excellent for feeding hummingbirds. However, the nectar reservoir needs to be refilled every time the level reduces.





9) Nature’s Way Cedar Bird Feeder

Suet Bird Feeder

The feeder is designed in an upside-down fashion to discourage destructive birds like grackles and blackbirds from feeding on it. Its cedar material is rot and insect resistant and coated with preservative to prevent water damage, mold, and discoloration. The mesh installed at the bottom is rust free. In addition to, it has preinstalled steel hanging cable that is coated with vinyl.


  • Comes with one suet cake
  •  Attracts a wide variety of birds
  •  Insect and rot-resistant
  •  Not difficult to refill
  •  Rust-free materials
  •  Discourages bigger birds


  • Prone to humidity


Do you want nuthatches, titmice, and all sorts of woodpeckers in your backyard? This is the feeder for you. It attracts small birds that can feed in an upside-down manner and reduces food wastage.





10) Birdream Solar Bird Feeder

Solar-Powered Metal Feeder

This solar-powered feeder is one of a kind. It comes with a panel that charges during the day and can light up for up to 8 hours at night as long as it’s fully charged. The feeding tray is made of strong metal which is supported by three chains. Moreover, Its base stand and hook are made of high-quality iron that is powder-coated to prolong durability.


  • Very appealing
  • Durable
  • Not hard to clean and refill
  • Has solar-powered light for night use


  • No shelter during rainy weather
  • Not ideal for many birds


This feeder is certainly a magnificent addition to your porch or backyard with the night light and its colorful design. It Is also very functional. However, it can only be used by two to three birds at a time so it might not be the best choice for you if you want to feed more of them.





11) SUQ OME Tube Bird Feeder

Weatherproof Bird Feeder

This weatherproof feeder is made of heavy-duty plastic with a tube that serves two feeding ports. . The ports have little ports where birds can perch while feeding. Also, the tube is transparent and holds up to two cups of seeds at a time.


    • Transparent tube for easy refilling
    • Feeds multiple birds at a time
    • Lightweight
    • Resistant to UV rays
    • Uncomplicated to install



  • Feeding ports limit the number of birds that can feed at a time
  • No shelter during rainy weather


This classic device attracts all sorts of birds including sparrows, chickadees, cardinals, nuthatches, and hummingbirds. Just hang it from a branch or frame in your backyard and watch as nature unveils before your eyes.





12) Edible Birdhouse

Unique Seed-Covered Feeder

This edible feeder is guaranteed to wow you. It is designed with wood and covered in seeds. The house contains chili pepper flakes and habanero which deters squirrels. The seeds are affixed to the birdhouse with a glue. It allows them to come off easily when pecked by small birds.


  • No cleaning and maintenance required
  • Squirrel-proof
  • Easy to reseed by applying glue or peanut butter
  • Very durable
  • Supports a significant number of birds


  •  No bird shelter against rain


This has to be the most convenient feeder in the market. You just hang it up and let the birds eat to their fill. The type of birds that come to feed off it depends on the seeds attached to it.





Buyer’s Guide

There is no shortage of small bird feeders in the market but the real pickle lies in picking out one that suitable for your needs. The perfect feeder is one that portrays the following characteristics:

  • Not hard to assemble
  • Strong enough to defy adverse weather conditions
  • Leak-proof to keep the food dry
  • Easy to clean and maintain

You need to provide different types of seeds and foods to attract a wide variety of birds. Some feeds attract over other. You can also use this knowledge to attract a specific bird species and discourage the rest.

Let us have a look at the most common bird feeder types and their functionalities.

Tray Feeders

These attract a wide variety of small seed-eating birds. There is no shelter against snow and rain. As such, an adequate drainage system is needed to prevent the seeds from sprouting or harboring bacteria. Bird droppings can also contaminate food.

If you are shopping for a tray feeder, choose one that has a screened bottom or at least several holes for drainage. It would be best if you put out enough seed for a day and cleaned it regularly every time you refill it. Tray feeders are also open to chipmunk and squirrel invasion unless they are fitted with a suspension pole or chain.

Tube Feeders

These are efficient when it comes to keeping food dry and clean. Most have metallic feeding ports that keep squirrels away. Some feeders have an extension at the bottom where seed collects and may even become a breeding spot for bacteria. Therefore, the opening should be secured.

Tube feeders come in all sizes so you are free to pick one depending on the number of birds you want to feed. It is also essential to empty out old seed before refilling the tube. Rotting or spoilt seeds may otherwise contaminate the fresh ones.

Target Market

Feeders offer a more convenient method of bird-feeding than randomly throwing seeds at them. However, some people ask, why go to all that effort? Bird feeding is very beneficial for both birds and ourselves. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider getting a bird feeder.

1) Good garden assistants

Small birds won’t just eat your seeds and be on their way. They may even linger in your garden and eat worms, insects, and snails that can be harmful to your crops and flowers.

2) Aesthetic and relaxing

Have you seen how beautiful birds are in their varying bright colors and fluttery wings? You can put out some food for them and watch them as you tend to other chores or even listen to their melodious songs. You don’t have to go to the pack anymore because nature will come to you.

3) There is a shortage of natural bird food

Human development had done away with a lot of trees and natural sources of food. If you can spare a few dollars to set up a spot for them to feed in your backyard then why not do it? Nature will certainly thank you for it.

Common Terms



Feeders that have been designed to keep squirrels and chipmunks away.

Hummingbird feeders

They provide sugar and nectar solutions for hummingbirds.

Oriole feeders

These are feeders that provide artificial nectar for New World Orioles and hummingbirds.

Suet feeders

They are metal or wooden feeders which contain suet cake. It is ideal for insect-eating birds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why are no birds coming to my bird feeder?

Your feeder may not be as visible to the birds as you think. You can try throwing some seeds on the ground to attract them and they’ll be sure to notice your feeder. It might also be a good idea to perch your feeder on a high enough branch where cats cannot reach them easily.

Where is the best place to put a bird feeder?

Small birds love sheltered and covered places. As such, you should hang it where they are likely to feel safe. A spot in your yard should suffice.

Should bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

It would be best to strike a balance between shade and sunlight. Dark areas may not be conducive for them and neither is scorching sunlight.

How far should a bird feeder be from your house?

Feeders should ideally be placed close to trees and vegetation to give the birds a feeling of nature. If you would like it close to your house, choose a spot about ten feet away and preferably away from any windows to prevent collisions.

What type of bird feeder attracts the most birds?

Tube and tray feeders attract the smallest birds because they have larger perching space and the food is visible from afar. However, the number your feeder attracts also depends on the type of feeds you are putting out.

Common Brands


Perky-Pet Copper Feeder

It has a circular make that allows multiple small birds to at while perching around it.

Nature’s Way Platform Feeder

It is easy to use and has no mess whatsoever.

Woodlink Bird Feeder

Can feed well over ten birds thanks to its simple yet spacious design


I sincerely hope that I have covered every essential aspect of small birds feeding and that you find this post insightful. You can always refer to it if you need help choosing the right feeder or comparing features to make an informed decision.