10 Friendly Bird Species Make Fantastic Pets

When it comes to adopting a pet bird, it’s always very important to choose a gentle, friendly, bird that can act as your companion. having a friendly bird species and affectionate will make taking care of it hassle-free, easier, and worthwhile.

While birds can make the best pets, not all of them are perfect. As a matter of fact, some of them can be quite messy and loud and may require a great deal of your time to maintain. before getting a pet bird, it’s therefore very important to thoroughly research the bird’s requirements such as the housing, attention, and nutrition.

Although as a bird owner you will receive a bit at one time or another this can be minimized by selecting the best species. Here are the top 10 bird species that make fantastic pets.


Top 10 Bird Species Make Fantastic Pets


1- Hyacinth Macaws

As the largest parrots on earth, these birds are also called gentle giants. Famous for their sociable and friendly personalities, these birds love nothing apart from spending their time cuddling and playing with their owners.

hyacinth macaws

Since they are very big, it can be a bit challenging to provide them with the best housing. But if you are able to meet their needs, you will enjoy a great relationship with them.


2- Cockatoos

If you are looking for large friendly birds who are also affectionate, then Cockatoos might be the best ones to choose. These birds are not only beautiful but also affectionate hence very easy to bond with.

However, since they get depressed very easily you need to spend a lot of time with them. When depressed they might get involved in plucking or other bad behaviours.


3- Budgies

As one of the most popular pet birds in the world, budgies can only be compared to pet cats and dogs. Apart from being affectionate, these birds are small, affordable and friendly hence very easy to maintain.

When properly cared for, budgies can make affectionate and friendly pets. Above all, they have the ability to delight people of all ages and even to learn to talk. You can check more about friendly bird species here.

4- Love birds

Do you know that love birds usually make the best pets? If you are a bird enthusiast, then you’ll realize that these birds can be quite amazing creatures.

They are not only famous for being intelligent and beautiful but also petite and bright plummed in color. However, unlike other parrot species, they seldom talk.

love birds

5- Parrotlets

In the recent years, parrotlets have become some of the most popular birds around the world. On top of being cute and tiny, these birds have personalities that are bigger than their bodies.

However, if you want to get one as a pet you must have enough time so as to be able to socialize and play with them. If you are the right parent you’ll find them extremely loving and affectionate.


6- Canaries

If you prefer listening and seeing your pet instead of taking them out the then the Canaries is the perfect bird to get. They are just fine with human care hence prefer to remain within their cage.

More so, there are different ones to choose from. The good thing with them is that they are ideal for those who don’t have enough time to spend with their bird pets.


7- Cockatiels

This captivating and beautiful bird is also a very good choice if you are searching for an affectionate and friendly bird. Originating from Australia, it always makes the best pets especially when handfed as babies and raised lovingly.

Although they rarely learn how to talk they are extremely intelligent and can copy household noises such as microwaves, telephones, and doorbells. The good thing is that they are small hence do not require a large space. Check more on petmd.com to read more about most popular pet birds.


8- Finches

If you provide these birds with a few flockmates and a proper flight cage then they’ll just be happy without the much out of cage playtime.

Since they like to interact and socialize within their community if you are looking for a pet bird that requires low maintenance then they are the best birds to choose.


9- Conures

Being comical and spunky, Conures are some of the most popular pet birds. In addition to their eye-catching and colorful colors they also boast of colorful personalities. While some of them are small others are medium with long tail feathers.


10- Doves

Doves are hardy, medium-sized pet birds that who are happy to spend time themselves and equally enjoy spending time with their owners.

As compared to other species, they do not crave a lot of attention. More so, since they are small birds cleaning after them and maintaining them is very easy.



Just like dogs and cats,pet birds usually make wonderful companions. However for them to remain healthy and happy they need good care and attention. If you take good care of them, you will be surprised how good they are as pets.