How To Make A Bird Cage

A pet bird, whether it’s a finch, cockatoo or parakeet, can be a great companion to have around. As the pet owner, you’re obliged to give your bird virtually everything it requires for an enjoyable and healthy life. This can range from perches, food, water to a hazard-free environment (Bird Cage with suitable nesting materials).

A bird cage that provides your bird with ample space can be attractive but sometimes expensive. Making a birdcage might be effortless than you thought. Here are 10 steps to follow while making one, let’s get started.

How to Make a Bird Cage in 10 steps

1. Gather Your Materials

Here are a few things you’ll need to make an aviary that is 36″ x 51″ x 72″;

  • Metal cage wire
  • 1×2 plain, untreated wood
  • MDF or plywood at 1/2″ thickness
  • Wood glue
  • Four 2 x 2 pieces of wood
  • Hinges, a saw, and 2.5-inch decking screws

The wiring or netting you choose should be electroplated but not painted and the wood should be very hard just like the plywood.

Note that the use of galvanized metal mesh may be poisonous to animals. Visit to learn more about other standard requirements of an aviary.


2. Cut the Pieces

  • Cut proportionate vertical posts from the 2 x 2 lumber (72″ lengths)
  • From the 1 x 2 lumber, cut the front/back panel pieces; three pieces at 45″ and two pieces at 72″
  • From the same wood (above), cut the side panel pieces; four pieces at 33″ and other 4 at 36″
  • From the MDF or plywood, cut the top and bottom pieces each 36*51″
  • From the metal cage wire, cut pieces that are big enough to cover and extend onto frames


3. Affix Wire to the Sides

  • Staple the cut pieces onto the wood frames using a staple gun/hammer and staples.
  • You might consider using caulk or silicon to soften the edges and keep things from getting on the edges of the wire.


4. Attach the Aviary Panels

  • Using the decking screws, attach the front panels to the posts, so that the edges flush.
  • Attach just one of the side panels such that one side flush with the bottom and the other side flush with top
  • Set aside the two remaining panels for the doors


5. Attach the Bottom, Top and Wheels

  • Screw the bottom and top pieces into the posts using the decking screw (2 screws to a post)
  • For mobility, you may opt to attach wheels. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to attach the wheels to the posts

How to Make a Bird Cage in 10 steps

6. Create the Doors

  • Place 3 hinges on both sides of the 2 remaining panels to attach the panels; one-half should be affixed to the center piece on the -other side panel and the extra half attached to the door.
  • This should leave you with an aviary door on either side: one at the bottom to aid cleaning and the other at the top to interacts with the birds or add food. The door should be wide enough to allow for easy cleaning whenever necessary.


7. Line the Bottom of the Aviary

  • Use a flattened garbage bag to line the bottom then add newspaper, wood chips or other appropriate lining materials


8. Place Food and Water Bowls

  • Depending on what is best for your bird, mount food dishes to the wood or wire, or place them elsewhere in the cage. Visit to learn the best way to feed your pet bird.


9. Add Entertainment Features

  • Add perches, toys and maybe a nest box.


We hope this guide helps you to make the perfect birdcage for your birds. If you have any questions let us know.

How long did it take you to make your cage?