The Top Ranking Toys Of 2021 For Bird

So, you are now a bird owner, and you have no clue how to get them active and mentally healthy? Well, you have come to the right place.

I have put together a list of the 20 best bird toy to help you keep your bird happy.

Having a bird as a pet doesn’t make them different from their wild counterparts, and although good food and cages are important, toys are equally fundamental to satisfying their tendency of endless chewing.

As a result, every bird owner is obliged to ensure that these feathery friends get enough physical activity and cognitive stimulation by investing in bird toys.

In my experience, choosing the right toy for your bird is no easy feat – what with the countless options available in the market?

With a matrix of interests surrounding toys, I have learned that choosing something long-lasting, one that doesn’t need to be cleaned now and then or replaced daily is quite crucial.

You also need a toy that is not so tough to deter the bird from satisfying its irresistible urge for destruction.

So, as you head out to shop, remember to consider the type of bird you have, the beak size, and their strength of biting if you want to get the appropriate toy.

That said, here are the best playsets to keep your birds busy.

1. Prevue Hendryx Naturals Rope Ladder

Ideal for Energetic BirdsPrevue Hendryx Naturals Rope Ladder

The Prevue Hendryx Naturals Rope Ladder is made from 100 percent sustainable materials. It is a great option if you are looking to keeping your birds engaged in hours of cognitive stimulation and physical activity.

It features two robust hooks that create a swinging bridge when attached to either side of the cage.

To keep the ladder more challenging for your bird, I recommend attaching one side higher than the other, or vertically, to allow the bird to climb up and down the toy.

Measuring approximately 13 inches long and three inches wide, this toy is suitable for small to medium-sized birds.


  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for climbing birds
  • 100 percent natural


  • Not suitable for some cages
  • Difficult to clean

With the durable rope and wood, these bird toys are safe and can be left inside the birdcage without supervision.

2. BWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy

Best for Climbing BirdsBWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy

Nothing says ultimate climbing, chewing, and swinging experience like the BWOGUE 5-Piece Bird Toy. It has everything a bird needs to remain mentally and physically healthy.

This BWOGUE product is made of natural wood and steel wires for easy connection to cages. Better yet, the whole setup is vivid and colorful to attract the birds. Of course, it is also totally safe.

These bird toys offer versatility as it includes five pieces for chewing, hanging, and swinging. Additionally, the set has bells for entertainment!

As interactive as they are, these bird toys are ideal for parrots, macaws, parakeets, cockatiels, conures, and budgies.


  • Durable versatile and safe
  • Ideal for most cages
  • Includes chime and vivid colors for attraction


  • Not the best for small birds
  • Chimes may not last long

Although the chimes on its bells seem somewhat feeble, I recommend this product for those looking for versatile products that include entertainment.

3. BWOGUE 7 Inch Bird Mirror Toy

Great for ParakeetsBWOGUE 7 Inch Bird Mirror Toy

The BWOGUE 7-Inch Bird Mirror is a great choice for keeping birds deeply engaged in conversations with images of themselves. It is highly durable and resistant to scratches, making it suitable for large birds.

The perfectly polished stainless steel mirror includes a rope perch for parakeets and similar birds to stand on as they exercise.

The rope has a soothing feel to the pet’s feet, guaranteeing utmost comfort during play. It is also suitable for African greys, macaws, parrots, conures, cockatiels, budgies, canaries, Amazons, and other similar-sized birds.


  • Suitable for most bird pets
  • Highly durable
  • Affordable
  • Improves balance and coordination skills


  • Not ideal for small flocks
  • Mirror has sharp edges

All things considered, I recommend this toy for anyone looking to encourage their bird to develop balance while enhancing their coordination skills.

4. Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze Toy

Good for Small to Medium-Sized BirdsSuper Bird Creations-Mini Flying Trapeze Toy

I love this perch not only for the durability it offers, but the vivid colors, the charm, and the brightness of its chain, but also because bird can chew on it endlessly.

The Super Bird Creations Mini Flying Trapeze features links, beads, and porcupine balls that can be removed at will if it makes the pets uncomfortable.

The perch is large enough for bird such as parakeets, conures, budgies, and cockatiels to trapeze on all day. It can be easily connected to the cage with the pear link connector.


  • Works for small and medium-sized birds
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used as a nest


  • Large birds may break it

In a nutshell, I would recommend this product if what you are looking for is a toy that promotes balancing skills, mental stimulation, and plenty of exercises.

5. Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball Toy

Best for Foraging Birds Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball Toy

Featuring a robust woven ball filled with lots of colored paper, the Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball is a good fit for most bird with an instinct to forage.

It is designed to relieve stress while keeping your avian friend occupied. Inside the ball are wooden toys that take hours for bird to pull out.

The shredder is available in three different sizes to cater to a wide variety of these pets. It is easy to install, thanks to the stainless steel chain and a link for hanging and interchanging.


  • Works great for stress relief
  • Available in different sizes for versatility
  • Encourages foraging behavior
  • Has hidden woods as rewards for chewing


  • Produces a mess

In conclusion, if you want to establish an ultimate playground for your birds and engaging their minds to prevent boredom, this is the kind of ball I would recommend.

6. QBLEEV Stacking & Basketball Toy

Ideal for Bird TrainingQBLEEV Stacking & Basketball Toy

If you are looking to train your bird in a mini-game of basketball, then the QBLEEV Stacking & Basketball Toy will do the trick.

It is an education piece that constantly tests and improves your feathered pal’s intelligence skills, making it a great choice for cognitive functions.

This QBLEEV product is made of 100 percent wood material and some colored stacking pieces for two kinds of games – Tower of Hanoi Puzzle and Basketball.

I love this toy product because it helps pets develop strong skills in coordination and building friendly relationships. Interestingly, when your bird is tired, it can chew on the natural wood pine.


  • Made of pet-safe material
  • Promotes brainstorming and physical activity
  • Builds social skills
  • Highly educational for parrots


  • Takes time training the pets to use it
  • Some birds may easily be bored

All in all, if you are a bird-owner and want to build social skills with your bird, I recommend QBLEEV Stacking & Basketball Toy.

7. Wesco Pet Kabob Toy

Great for Chewing BirdsWesco Pet Kabob

Give your feathered pets something to chew on for weeks with the Wesco Pet Kabob – an appropriate toy that enhances the strength of their beaks.

It is made of a sustainable soft fibrous pithy wood that is attractive to parakeets, budgies, and other similar birds. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

If you have a bird that constantly picks its feathers, this product will work well in diverting its attention away from the habit.

This toy can be hung vertically in the pet’s cage using a string. The string, however, could harm small bird.


  • Irresistible to bird with chewing instincts
  • Biodegradable
  • Prevents the bad habit of feather picking
  • Long-lasting


  • Doesn’t work for large bird
  • Rope string harmful to small bird

All things considered, I love the simplicity of this product and how it effectively attracts cockatiels. It is worth a buy.

8. Bonka 1969 Spoon Delight Toy

Suitable for CockatielsBonka 1969 Spoon Delight Toy

The Bonka 1969 Spoon Delight is a noise-making type of dolly for your feathered pets. It has reflective surfaces that lure the attention of cockatiels even from afar.

It incorporates stainless steel spoons with plastic rings at the top, hung along a chain. The strings serve to give the birds something to pull with their beaks, which in turn increases the noise produced by the set.

This plaything can be hung both vertically and horizontally inside the cage. As a precaution, ensure that you hang it in a dry place to avoid rusting.


  • Attractive to cockatiels
  • Works for large birds too
  • Not so noisy


  • The chain will rust overtime

It is worth noting that while this product is noisy, it will not disturb your peace. I recommend it for the noise-type bird toys.

9. KINTOR Bird Bites Toy

Top for All-Round Bird ActivityKintor Bird Bites Toy

If you are an owner of parrots, Macaws, cockatoos, African greys, or the Amazons, then owning the KINTOR Bird Bites will help them avoid boredom and reducing aggression.

It is colorful, safe, and bite resistant, making it ideal for the hard chewing beaks. Additionally, the toy features several distinctive shapes connected by a chain and in multiple layers to encourage climbing.

The included shapes come with lots of cubes and knots in bright colors to ensure that your feathered buddies remain engaged on day’s end.

I love the versatility it brings and the effectiveness it packs in giving the birds a wild-like behavior.


  • Vivid, colorful, and highly versatile
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized chewing and climbing bird
  • Affordable


  • Not the best for large birds
  • Doesn’t last long

All in all, I recommend this product if you are the type looking for a chewing plaything to help your pets preen and condition their beaks.

10. Old Tjikko Swing

Best Dual-Purpose ToyOld Tjikko Swing

The Old Tjikko Bird swing doubles up as a swing and a perch with a mirror. Crafted with all-natural wood, its design gives your feathered buddies ample scope to hop around and remain active.

It comes with several rings that can be attached to a hanger-like component, which is convenient for cages and other playgrounds.

The main attraction is the mirror with a perfectly polished surface that gives small and medium-sized birds lots of enjoyment as they admire themselves.

The mirror is a great source of company, and your birds will enjoy preening themselves in front of their new friend.


  • Simple, safe, and secure
  • Ideal as a perch and a swing
  • Great for small birds
  • Durable


  • Not big enough for large birds
  • Used only with multiple cages

That said, the Old Tjikko Swing bird toys are safe and suitable for chewing. The mirror and perch combination provides comfort and company while you are away.

11. Penn-Plax Life Activity Center

Good for Young BirdsPenn-Plax Life Activity Center

The Penn-Plax Bird Life Activity Center is a beautiful choice if your little friends fancy adventures outside their cages. It offers an elegant assortment of ladders, bells, and perches all designed to keep your birds well occupied.

The setup encourages the pets to hop back and forth across the obstacle course, eliminating the chances of boredom.

This bird toy is large and may not fit inside the cage. You can set it in a special play area for better efficiency. The base is made of wood and is easy to clean after use.


  • Out of cage fun
  • Enhances brain activity and utmost physical health
  • Ideal for young birds


  • Takes time to assemble

In a nutshell, if you want a bird toy that you can set up outside the cage for utmost exercise and brain stimulation, this Penn-Plax toy comes highly recommended.

12. Evebel 7 Pack Swing & Chewing Toys

Best Choice for Love Birds Evebel 7-Pack Swing-Chewing Toys

This is a seven-piece multi-function bird toy designed to encourage your birds to swing, hang, climb, and chew.

The pieces have a soft feel for comfort as birds go about having fun. With a wide application, the evebel 7 Pack Bird Swing Chewing Toys is best-suited for love birds, parrots, tits, canaries, acacias, crows, budgies, African greys, Australian parrots, and a plethora of other small and medium-sized feathered friends.

The set includes a swing with wood pieces and a chain for hanging, dangling beads, bells, and lots of chewable pieces – which are all pet-friendly.


  • Vivid and colorful
  • Includes bells for attraction
  • Encourages a wide array of exercises


  • Not suitable for large birds
  • Some pieces don’t last long

I love the color and all the pieces this toy includes. I recommend it for small bird though — large ones may shred it to pieces.

13. LSSH Rope Perch Toy

Great Toy for Macaws LSSH Rope Perch Toy

If your pet’s cage still has room for more playthings, why not add the LSSH Rope Perch? It is easy to install and can be fitted snugly using the accompanying connectors.

The rope is quite appealing to Macaws, thereby, making a great addition to cage corners and spots as they sit or hang and nibble on other toys.

Its ends are shaggy and the rope is held by a flexible, spiral wire that is built to last. The all-natural wood perch can double up as nail-trimmers for the caged pet.

The LSSH Rope Perch allows your Macaws to hop, stand, and also rest without falling off!


  • Perfect size for parrots
  • Colorful for attraction
  • Complements other toys perfectly
  • Durable


  • With shaggy ends, the rope may foray easily

Of course, there are several bungee ropes of this kind on the market, but in terms of value for money and the size of the rope, I would go for the LSSH Rope Perch. It is durable and safe.

14. Bonka 867 Chew Sticks

Best for Most Birds Bonka 867 Chew Sticks

With lots of pieces for beaks, the Bonka 867 Chew Sticks toy is a colorful option for anyone looking to invest in a chewable stick toy.

The wooden pieces are colored for attraction, safety, and resistance and are all held together by a strong metal string that runs through the center of every stick.

Hung in a cage, the chew sticks will spin, tasking your pet to improve its balancing skills while engaging in a game of nibbling, hanging, and picking.

The sticks can be easily cleaned, are 100 percent safe, and can be hung conveniently without any tools inside the cage.


  • It is surprisingly durable
  • Quite versatile
  • Easy installation


  • Birds may choke when all the sticks are shredded

My verdict? The Bonka 867 Chew Sticks are a favorite. Normally, birds will take time to get used to a toy, but this works almost right away.

15. Hamiledyi Playground Bird Toys

Ideal for Parrots Hamiledyi Playground Bird Toys

This Parrots Playground set is a center for activities such as climbing, swinging, and chewing. It is designed to ensure that your birds remain well trained, are developing social skills as you help them train, and are generally healthy.

This playpen comes with a ladder, a perch, and a bar, all made of wood. The linking components are made of stainless steel.

On top of the hanging ladder, the set includes food and water cups and a stainless steel tray. All the materials are bird-safe.


  • Made of safe materials
  • Includes essential components for sufficient physical activity
  • Finely polished wood materials


  • Not very durable
  • Not ideal for large birds

My view? Well, this set provides a comfortable playpen for parrots to have fun and exercise. But if you are looking for a robust toy for large birds, try something different.

16. Napural Gym Bird Toys

Best Out of Cage Playpen Napural Gym Bird Toys

This is another playpen that is intuitively constructed to deliver good exercise for your birds. It is robust, large, and highly stable if you tighten its screws well.

The whole set is an out of cage playpen that fosters social skills. It has practical components such as multiple perches, ladders, and chewing pieces that keep the pets active in a fun environment that reduces stress and boredom.

While many people will buy it for cockatiels, the NAPURAL Gym Playpen offers the ideal exercise for conures and parakeets alike. It is also very safe and comfortable for easy exercises.


  • Includes trays and cups for food and water
  • Offers a variety of exercises
  • Durable
  • Made of all-natural components


  • Doesn’t fit a cage

That said, I would recommend you invest in this product if you have an out of cage play area.

17. FDC Parrot Perch Bird Toys

Top On Durability FDC Parrot Perch Bird Toys

This tool includes an activity/toy hanger, two food and water cups made of stainless steel, and a plastic dropping tray.

It is suitable for parrots, including Eclectus, small macaws and cockatoos, Amazons, African greys, and Conures.

Unlike the wooden perches on the market today, the FDC Parrot Perch Bird Toys is made of stainless steel and coated with a pet-friendly powder coat finish. This means it is highly durable.

The rung and the perch can be replaced and are made of wood.

Perch and ladder rungs are ¾” wooden dowel (diameter) and are replaceable. The plastic dropping tray can be detached and is easily cleaned by wiping.


  • Good value for money
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Out of cage fun


  • Difficult to assemble

All things considered, I love this FDC product because of the customization it offers. Sides can be changed, you can use the cups on either side of the playpen or together, and wooden parts can be changed. The fact that it is highly durable makes it worth a buy.

18. QBLEEV Conure Bird Toys

Best for Conures QBLEEV Conure Bird Toys

This is a simple, yet effective choice for conures from QBLEEV. It looks small, but is mighty, making it a great addition to any cage, particularly for those whose conures and other small birds fancy a bit of mischief.

It is a noisy type of plaything, but will not get on your nerves as the bells and the foot pieces are surprisingly quiet, yet great for cognitive and health stimulation for your beaked buddies.

The QBLEEV Conure Bird Toys are quite colorful, attractive, and effective.


  • Attractive and vivid
  • Made of natural materials
  • Promotes chewing, muscle strength, and balance skills


  • Heavy for some birds

If your conures could do with some foot muscle promotion and coordination skills, this is the product I would recommend.

19. Super Bird SB669 Wicker Foraging Basket 

Ideal for Medium Birds Super Bird SB669 Wicker Foraging Basket

The Super Bird SB669 Wicker Foraging Basket is the right size for most medium-sized birds. It is crafted with a magnificent combination of chewable pieces into a bamboo basket.

Your birds will love the crunchy feel of shapes, colors, textures, and materials that encompass vine sticks, woven palm, and loofa slices, among others.

The basket is not only meant to entertain, but also satisfy the wild instincts of foraging pets. The basket hides plenty of rewards after long periods of searching.


  • Intuitively designed to offer mentally challenging activities
  • Encourages foraging behavior
  • It is long-lasting


  • Large birds can reap it off easily
  • Makes a mess

In conclusion, I suggest you get this play tool if you want your beaked friends to relieve boredom, aggression, depression, and avoid destructive behavior.

20. Bonka Triple Hex Rope Swing

Great All in One Rope PerchBonka Triple Hex Rope Swing

Last on our list is the Bonka Triple Hex Rope Swing, a colorful piece with a hexagonally-shaped rope perch wrapped in cotton material.

The bottom features a knot, but the perch also includes plenty of cotton frays and a metal chime for luring the beaked pets.

The rope perch has three levels, each with two assorted colors and plastic charms for engaging the birds in hours of fun. It can be installed in a play area with convenience using the available chain link.

It is long, durable, and also ideal for very large cages.


  • It is vivid and colorful
  • Easy to install
  • Best for most birds
  • Long and durable


  • Doesn’t fit small cages

Apart from its safety, I love this product because it is simple, and it covers almost everything your feathered pet needs to remain mentally active and healthy.

Buyer’s Guide

Who should buy a bird toy?

Every bird owner should buy a bird toy. With these animals naturally active, toys help them replicate a wild-like behavior, which is essentially part of enhancing their physical and mental health.

Common Bird Toy Terms

Perch – This is a branch, horizontal bar, or an object where a bird alights or roosts.

Swing – It is a seat hanging by two strings or ropes where a bird can sit and rock forth and backward.

Foraging – Simply means searching for wild foods.

Loofa Slices – These are dried fibrous pieces of the fruit of a plant called luffa, which is often used as a washing sponge or strainer.

Rung – Refers to a crosspiece or horizontal support for a bird’s feet in a playpen or toy arrangement.

Cognitive stimulation – To rouse action or excite a bird for increased mental activity


How much are bird toys?

Bird toys easily range from as low as $2 to over $20. This is entirely dependent on the brand, the materials, and where it is manufactured.

Why are bird toys so expensive?

Bird toys can get expensive because birds go through lots of them in a short time. With time, the expenses will push you over the edge. The trick is to find durable products and combine them with DIY toys.

Where to buy toys best for bird?

Bird toys are available in pet stores and online retail websites such as Amazon.

How to make best bird toys?

If you would like homemade toys, but do not have the materials, you can buy the DIY kits and add forage and other climbing or chewing materials your pet loves.

What toys do budgies like?

Budgies love swinging toys, mirrors, rings, ladders, and other toys with bells.

How to make toys for parakeets?

Like parrots, parakeets love climbing, hanging, and wasting so much food. To make their toys, use pet-friendly strings, thread spools, paper, and cardboard.

How to make bird toys out of toilet paper rolls?

To make a bird toy out of toilet paper roll, cut it into thirds to produce three mini rolls, then poke two holes through the opposite sides of these mini-rolls and slip a string through a hole in one of the pieces, tie a knot and add four or five beads. Then slide another mini-roll then and add more beads. Repeat the same procedure for all the rolls and tie a knot at the end. Finally, hang the completed toy in the cage for your beaked friend to swing and nibble on.

Bird Toy Best Brands


It supplies premium bird products, including seeds and toys as well as food for other pets. The company is also dedicated to environmental conservation and raising awareness of pet care.


It is a premium supplier of dogs, cats, and bird products, including clothes, food, and toys.


It is a family-owned business dealing in high-end products for pets. It is widely known for its innovative pet items that include bird toys.


Finding the toy for your birds is not easy, but whichever preference you make, you want to invest in a toy that is both safe and entertaining to your pet. Hopefully, with the help of the above-reviewed products, you are better placed at finding one that suits your bird and its needs.