The Top 15 Best Feeders For Hummingbirds – 2021

Hummingbirds are no doubt some of the most attractive birds ever. They are a marvel to look at and listen to, but they can be quite elusive if there are no flowers around. So, how do you attract them to your yard?

Don’t worry. In this post, I will review some of the best hummingbird feeders to help you invite and spend some memorable moments with them.

With so many options available, no one has the time to try most of these products. Lucky for you, I have. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying one by one to determine the one that works best.

You should know that hummingbird feeders come in many different shapes, sizes, and makes, and finding the right one is challenging. And from all that I have tested, here is a list of the ones I would recommend.

1. Aspects HummZinger HighView Feeder

Best OverallAspects HummZinger HighView Feeder

There is everything to love about the Aspects Hummzinger High View Feeder. It delivers a blend of affordability, durability, and convenience for your hummingbirds.

I love the user-friendly perch this product comes with. It allows the birds to rest on it as they feed. The incorporated removable cover makes cleaning the feeder such a breeze!

This birdfeeder is made of a long-lasting resin built to withstand harsh weather conditions. It has an attractive bright red color that is irresistible to the songbirds and has up to four ports for multiple accommodations.

With the shallow feed reservoir, the birds can feast on nectar and drink water with the utmost ease. Apart from the catchy color, what impresses me more is its compact and lightweight design supported by a hook that you can hang almost everywhere – including windowsills or the clothesline.


  • Compact, sturdy, and easy to use
  • Quite attractive
  • Easy to maintain
  • 12 oz nectar capacity
  • Multiple ports


  • It can easily be swept away by the wind

The only quibble this product comes accompanied with is its lightness. It can easily be blown away by strong winds, considering that it doesn’t have a locking mechanism. Other than that, I’d recommend it for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and highly affordable hummingbird feeder.

2. First Nature 3055 Feeder

Best Plastics FeederFirst Nature 3055

The First Nature 3055 feeder is another cost-friendly hummingbird feeder with lots of feeding points. If you are looking to attract many songbirds to your property and would love to feed many of them at a go, this item will do you good.

With a good capacity of 32 ounces, your songbirds will spend a considerable amount of time feasting on the nectar in its ports. It has 10 nectar ports that are conveniently positioned to allow the birds to feed comfortably.

It features a lantern-style design with a wide-mouth jar, which makes cleaning significantly easy. Better yet, the bright red color it packs is enough to effortlessly lure the birds. The ports have an ant-guard to keep pests and bees away.

I was a bit skeptical about the plastic make and the possibility of the feeder leaking, but once I began using it, my worries were put to rest. It works so well, and thanks to the s-design hook, I can perch it anywhere I want!


  • Brightly colored – red – to attract many songbirds
  •  Good capacity helps you avoid constant refilling
  •  Not pricey
  • Available in several packs


  • The plastic body might be an issue to others

In a nutshell, if you are on the market looking for multiple birdfeeders and the convenience of loading enough nectar to last a while, I suggest you get this product.

3. Aspects Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder

Best for Window AttachmentAspects Jewel Box Window Feeder

Unlike the first two products which utilize hooks for installation, the Aspects Jewel Box Window Feeder uses two suction cups that firmly attach to surfaces like windows and other glass surfaces.

With this kind of installation, you securely attach them outside your window and enjoy the view from your living room…or the balcony. Even better, the overall design ensures that birdwatchers get the most from viewing the songbirds’ hum with their wings in an unobstructed view.

Available in three packs, this Aspects Jewel Box window has a capacity of 8 ounces and three feasting ports. The cover has a bright red color for attraction and is hinged for easy cleaning and feeding.

It is made entirely from sturdy transparent plastic, and it has an ant moat to keep the nectar away from unwanted visitors. These flower guards are also raised to keep the away rainwater.


  • Can be attached to the window
  • Has a strong build
  • Ant moats to keep the bees away
  • Beautiful design for an unobstructed view


  • Birds are a bit skeptical of it at first

All things considered; this is the right model for you if you fancy songbirds on your window.

4. Woodlink Window Glass Hanger

Best Hanging ModelWoodlink Window Glass Hanger

Here is another great option for attracting hummingbirds to your windows – the Woodlink Window Glass Hanger. It is not really a feeder, but a hangar for other birdfeeders.

It utilizes a simple hook with suction cups that can be installed on any glass surface without leaving a mess when detached.

With its convenience, you can constantly experiment with various food types, feeding stations, and different feeders for your birds.

It has durable heavy-duty plastic make that can support up to four-lb-birdfeeders filled with food. The trick is to hang a feeder that is brightly colored, and one with several ports if you want to enjoy watching the birds from your window.

However, despite its greatness, it doesn’t keep some types of birdfeeders from leaving bits of food on the glass. After every few weeks, I’ve had to wipe some dirt formed on my window where the hangar is installed.

Other than that, this Woodlink product tops the list of window hangars for the songbirds.


  • Has a transparent make to maximize visibility
  • Supports up to four Lbs.
  • Sets six inches away from the window
  • Converts any feeder into a window feeder


  • Not all the waste falls to the ground

After looking at the above pros and cons, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a hangar to attract more birds to your window. It is durable, strong, and convenient.

5. Nature’s Way Hummingbird Feeder

Ideal Glass FeederNature's Way Bird Feeder

Nature’s Way Bird Feeder is both practical and attractive in every aspect. It is a great choice if you are looking for feeders that don’t attract bees.

With an intuitive design, this model gives you the flexibility of easy cleaning since the components can be removed without a hassle. Have I mentioned that the parts are dishwasher safe?

This Nature’s Way product is built with a thick, durable, hand-blown glass with food ports crafted from high-end die-cast aluminum with a powder coat that is UV stabilized.

Hung like a beautiful bright red chandelier, this item can be a nice addition to the decorations in your backyard. The built-in perches allow the birds to rest and feast comfortably and longer without obstructing your view.

It also has three ports and a wide-mouth reservoir for convenience when filling. It is also leak-free.


  • Has a strong glass make
  • Brightly colored for attraction
  • Has built-in perches for birds’ comfort
  • Sturdy
  • Can be used as a decorative item


  •  Has only three ports

All in all, this model is recommended for those who don’t mind splurging on a glass feeder. It doubles up as a decorative item and has a good value for money.

6. REZIPO Hummingbird Feeder with Perch

Ideal for Color VarietyREZIPO Hummingbird Feeder with Perch

For those who love a good quality product available in multiple colors that aren’t just the conventional red, REZIPO has them in plenty. This particular model is a great option for satisfying both your needs and those of your little feathered friends in your backyard.

It comes in a glass make with a bright blue color with patches of red, yellow, green, and white – an ornamental combination ideal for luring the birds.

The glass is thick, durable, and hand-blown suitable for withstanding weather elements for long. It is also clear to ensure that you have a perfect view of the amount of nectar remaining to know when to refill it.

The REZIPO Hummingbird Feeder includes a perch with an ‘S’ design so that it can be placed on tree branches as well as other convenient places.

I love the wide-mouth reservoir and the two-parts base incorporated in this model. I can always open it and refill the feeder with nectar without straining too much. Additionally, the included shutting rings helps in preventing leaks, and with its purchase, you also get an ant moat, a cotton lanyard, and a small brush.


  •  Durable glass make
  • Easy to clean
  • It is very attractive
  • Has wide-mouth reservoir for easy refilling
  • Has a sealing ring


  • May leak after a while
  • The plastic cap may change color

This feeder is among one of the excellent choices if you want to go with a decorative glass model. It looks like one of those Chinese ceramic jars, only it is made of glass.

7. Best Home Products Hummingbird Feeder

Ideal for Color VibrancyBest Home Products Hummingbird Feeder

If you are largely concerned about the standard of décor that your birdfeeder provides, then this is an excellent choice for you, because this Best Home Products Feeder can act as a splendidly functional piece.

Best Home Products Hummingbird Feeder provides them in various models, all hand-blown glass with brilliant colors that look delightfully pleasant in your yard while providing hefty nourishment for your songbirds.

Although it is a bit pricey, its bright colors are quite effective at attracting songbirds. It has four ports with flowery red plugs for easy feeding and keeping pests away. Consequently, its wide-mouth bottle makes it easy to fill the nectar and clean the apparatus for the next use.

To hang it in a branch or the windowsill, this model comes with an “S” hook that can quickly be inserted or detached from either end. And with the 28-ounce capacity for nectar, I know I don’t have to worry about constantly refilling it.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Has a resilient hand-blown glass design
  • Can be hung conveniently anywhere
  • Has a good nectar capacity


  •  It is pricey

In the end, this is a nice choice for you if you want a model with vibrant colors that closely mimic a flower. It can attract plenty of those little birds in your backyard, hopefully, it won’t disappoint.

8. Grateful Gnome Gnarly Glass Neck Hummingbird Feeder

Top Pick for Design EnthusiastsGrateful Gnome Gnarly Glass Neck Feeder 

Let your songbirds dine in style with this beautifully crafted Grateful Gnome Gnarly Glass Neck  Hummingbird Feeder. It is a work of art, and, as its name suggests, is made of a thick gnarly glass that is built for resilience.

It features an acrylic color painting that retains its vibrancy over a long time. Far from the hand-blown glass make, this model includes four built-in metal perches that the birds can rest on while feasting from the ports.

There are four ports with red flowers where the bids can dip in to access and savor the nectar. Its assembly takes no more than a minute, thanks to the “S” hook that comfortably fits into the glass neck on the top.

To get started on feeding the birds, you can look for a convenient spot or a favorite place that offers a beautiful view and hang the feeder on a branch or the patio fence.

The heavy-duty glass coupled with the perch ensures that this product holds securely whether it is on a rainy or a windy day.

What excites me about this feeder is the unobtrusive window design that lets you know when the bird food is running out. The slopping base also gives you a magnificent view of the birds as they feed.


  • Has an attractive design with beautiful colors
  • Ports with perches for comfortable feeding
  • Transparent design to monitor nectar levels
  • Durable colors


  •  It is expensive
  • Glass easily breaks against hard surfaces
  • No ant moat or bee guard

That said, I can safely say that the Grateful Gnome Gnarly Glass Neck Feeder is an awesome product. It has some weight to it, and it can complement any garden or backyard with its vibrant colors.

9. First Nature 993051 Feeder

Budget PickFirst Nature 993051

For me, the biggest put off in a hummingbird feeder is leaking and the durability of a product – and I often find the plastic types to be vulnerable to them. But with the First Nature 993051, you can expect no such issues.

This product lives true to its name with an intuitive construction that permits you to screw the base and its top firmly to prevent any leaks. However, unlike the glass types, it is not dishwasher safe. The bottle will deform.

It has a capacity of 16 ounces and a total of ten feeding ports – which is a great thing, but with its size, multiple birds can go through the nectar really fast.

This birdfeeder comes with an S-biner for hanging it on tree trunks, patios, or other appropriate places. Although the product isn’t that heavy as the glass type, I realized with time that I needed a heavy-duty hook that can hold over time.

Another quibble about this product is that it doesn’t have an ant moat. So, keep that in mind before investing in one. Other than that, the bottle has a wide opening for easy cleaning and refilling. It opens on both ends.


  • Affordable
  •  Has a secure build to prevent leakage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lots of feeding ports
  •  Has newer and better versions


  • Glass bottle turns ugly after continuous sun exposure
  • Has no ant moats
  • The hook is a bit flimsy

With that in mind, I say go with this product if you don’t mind the few drawbacks. It is very affordable, cleans easily, and shuts firmly without any leakage.

10. First Nature 3090 32-ounce Flower Feeder

Ideal for Easy Nectar Filling First Nature 3090 32-ounce Flower Feeder

The First Nature 3090 32-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder is another affordable product, offering slightly more than what your conventional feeder can.

For one, it has a capacity of 32 ounces, which makes it among the top feeders with the largest capacity on this list. Also, the manufacturer made sure to give it a two-part base and wide-mouth for easy cleaning and nectar refilling.

The design is durable for it is made of a premium polymer that can serve you and your birds for long. The base has a bright red color that charms the songbirds, and 10 ports that are yellow – just like daffodils.

The ten ports and the large nectar capacity means you can attract lots of birds into your compound for a grand feast that will last a while. Better yet, the rounded perches installed gives the songbirds a snug rest as they savor the nectar.

With the built-in ant moat and bee guard, you can rest assured that no unwanted visitors will disturb your birds.

Like many other Hummingbird products on this list, you can hang it appropriately anywhere you like using the s-hook it comes with. To top it all, it has a sealing aid to prevent leakages.


  • Good capacity
  • 10 feeding ports
  • Has an ant and bee moat
  • Includes a sealing ring to prevent leakage
  • Easy to fill and clean the reservoir


  •  Flowers are too narrow for some birds
  • The plastic body might be an issue to some people

After looking at its disadvantages and advantages, I suggest this product for anyone looking for a budget-friendly, good-capacity hummingbird feeder. It is a perfect fit for feeding up to ten birds at a go.

11. More Birds Big Gulp Feeder

Best Glass Feeder for the Price More Birds Big Gulp 

Feeding hummingbirds may seem like such an easy job, but it is not. Without a beautiful feeder, you will have no luck in attracting them to your yard. Luckily, a product like More Birds Big Gulp is just the ideal birdfeeder you need to succeed.

Featuring a decorative hanger and a glass bottle of 40 ounces, this More Birds product tops the list in terms of nectar capacity.

It comes with a red top and base, a favorite color among the songbirds for attraction. And with seven perches mimicking white natural flowers, your birds will keep coming back for more.

The base is made of plastic, and it comes equipped with an inbuilt feature, an ant moat, which effectively prevents ants from dirtying the nectar.

Refilling the nectar is such an easy endeavor, thanks to the wide bottle opening and a detachable flat base. This makes cleaning the feeder equally easy. It, however, isn’t dishwasher safe.


  • 40-ounce nectar capacity
  • Built-in ant moat
  •  Seven perches for easy feeding
  • Easy to clean and refill
  •  It is very affordable


  • White flower ports might not be so effective in attracting the birds

That said, this is a great choice for those looking to attract many hummingbirds and keep them feasting for long.

12. Bird’s Choice Hummingbird Feeder

Best for Hanging Convenience Bird’s Choice Hummingbird Feeder 

With the Birds Choice Best Hummingbird Feeder, you can effortlessly attract a good number of hummingbirds to your compound without breaking your bank.

It has a functional design, featuring a solid eight-ounce glass bottle and a robust bright red base made of plastic for attracting the birds.

What intrigued me the most is its wide-round wrap-around perch that allows the birds to hop conveniently from one feeding port to another with comfort. This plastic ring also gives the birds a place to rest after feasting.

The removable bottle is transparent to give you a clear view of the level of the remaining nectar. This way, you can refill it every time it nearly empties to keep the birds coming back for more.

Its assembly is easy and the strong metal hoop attached to the bottle allows you to hang it anywhere there is a hook. For this feeder, I paired it with the Wood link Window Hangar, and it looks great on my window!

You can almost hang this feeder anywhere, including tree branches and patio fences. It has eight nectar ports.


  • Great value for money
  • Strong metal hoop for hanging
  • User-friendly
  • Made of transparent glass


  • Cleaning it is a bit challenging
  • Small bottle opening
  • No ant or bee moat

All things considered; this feeder is a good option for hanging convenience. It may not be the fanciest, but it won’t break your bank.

13. More Birds Vintage Hummingbird Feeder

Best Vintage DesignMore Birds Vintage Hummingbird Feeder

With key features such as the stylish bottle and five robust and long-lasting nectar ports, the More Birds Vintage Hummingbird Feeder makes an excellent addition to your list of decorative pieces.

It comes with a burnt penny finish sandwiched between a metal top and base. Surprisingly, this product looks all fancy, but is considerably affordable. The way it attracts the birds to my yards makes me know that it was a worthy investment.

As ornamental as it looks, it adds to the aesthetics of your garden or compound. It has a capacity of 20 ounces, which is sufficient for several birds at a go. But with the five nectar ports, you might have to refill it more often, particularly if the region you reside in has plenty of hummingbirds.

The feeder bottle has a wide mouth for easy cleaning as well as refilling.


  •  Has an attractive vintage design
  • Robust metal base
  • Cleans and fills easily


  • Has only five ports
  • Can easily break

If you are looking for a feeder with a vintage glass design, look no further than the More Birds Vintage Hummingbird Feeder. It is beautiful, affordable, and quite effective.

14. Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

Best Window Runner-UpPerky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder 

This is another one of my favorite window-mount birdfeeders. It has a simple iridescent design with a strong suction cup that strongly kisses glass surfaces without snapping.

If having it on your windows isn’t ideal for you, you can as well nail it on a tree trunk or a post — wherever you find it easy to install.

The feeder bottle is an acrylic type, has a capacity of eight ounces, and a strong build that will last your bird feeding for a long time.

The Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder has a wide mouth design for loading and emptying suitability. Better yet, it doesn’t experience any dripping issues.

With a vivid red base, I have encountered no problems attracting the birds to the feeder. Its two perches give comfort to the birds as they feed.

On the downside, this feeder model has only nectar ports that are colored yellow. They are attractive, no doubt, but not ideal for multiple birds – unless you invest in a few packs.


  •  Long-lasting and easy to clean
  • Strong suction cups for keeping it firmly on glass surfaces
  • Snap-on feasting ports
  • The feeder can easily be moved to a different place, thanks to the Quick Release Clips


  • The base could do with some reinforcement
  •  Suction cups may not hold well during the rainy season

Overall, I love the simplicity this Perky-Pet product brings. The feeder design is well-thought-out and is made of hardwearing quality materials.

15. Perky-Pet 132TF 24-Ounce Feeder

Best for Top Nectar FillingPerky-Pet 132TF 24-Ounce Feeder

This is another Perky-Pet hummingbird feeder with a glass bottle that has a wide mouth for easy refilling without inverting.

If you have a rosemary bush or a flower garden, you can install this piece with utmost ease using an “S” hook.

It is adorned with four realistic nectar ports made of silicone with bright white colors that complement the vivid red base and top. It has a capacity of 24 ounces, which means you can keep the birds well-fed sufficiently and for a while.

The Perky-Pet 132FT 24-Ounce feeder includes a built-in ant guard that fills with water to keep the ants from feasting on the nectar.


  •  Top-fill capability
  •  Silicone-make nectar ports
  •  Inbuilt ant moat
  • Has a bright top and base


  • The overall design is a bit flimsy
  •  Has leaking problems

My verdict? This feeder wins on this list if you are looking for a product that has a top-filling capability. It may work better for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Who should buy a Hummingbird Feeder?

Anyone who wishes to attract hummingbirds into his/her compound should buy a hummingbird feeder. It is the perfect birdfeeder that can keep them coming back regularly, offering you a chance to enjoy their presence.

Common Hummingbird Feeder Terms

Nectar – This is a sweet saccharine secretion or sweet liquid made by flowers and which the bees and songbirds feed on.

Perch – A branch, horizontal bar, or an object where a bird alights or roosts.

Reservoir – This is the plastic or the glass part of the birdfeeder that holds the nectar.

Nectar Ports – These are small openings in a birdfeeder where the birds can eat out from.

Ant Moat – This is a trap that fills with water to prevent the ants from crawling into the birdfeeder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to clean hummingbird feeders?

Each birdfeeder comes with an instruction manual for cleaning. The glass types are mainly dishwasher safe, but others are not. However, you can easily disassemble the feeder and pour out any content, soak the reservoir, and rinse after 10 to 15 minutes with running water.

How to fill a hummingbird feeder?

There are several ways you can fill a hummingbird feeder. The most common one involves separating the reservoir from the base and rinsing it with warm water to get rid of any build-up dirt or bacteria. Thereafter, pour the nectar into the reservoir and reattach the components then hang it conveniently where the birds can find them.

If you have no ready-made nectar, you can make your own using sugar and water in a ratio of one to three. If you cant make nectar consider using the best bird seed for these kinds of birds.

When to put out/stop hummingbird feeders?

Hummingbirds are largely active in May and June. This is during early summer when the weather warms up and they begin being active. But there are other regions where these birds are active year-round such as in Arizona. So, it all depends on where you are and the climate of that region.

During the cold season, these birds will often migrate and come back when the weather warms up. These are the times you can safely store the feeders as you await their return.

When do hummingbirds feed?

Although they are seemingly more active in the morning and the evening, there is no specific time that these birds feed. Ideally, they can remember where a feeder is and go towards it the whole day.

What to feed hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds naturally feed on nectar. This type of food contains glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Most of the feeders available on the market today are sucrose syrups made of a combination of sugar and water.

What are the best hummingbird feeders?

Hummingbirds are incredibly mobile creatures. They cannot exist without the flowers they pollinate and their adaptation makes them seek out certain flowers. They are curious little friends, which means that if you want to attract them, you must have a feeder that is attractive and functional. It should be long lasting, has a good capacity for nectar, and packs bright red colors that the hummingbirds find irresistible.

Where to buy a hummingbird feeder?

They are available in pet stores as well as online retail sites such as Amazon and eBay among others.

Is it ok to feed hummingbirds with sugar water?

Sugar, mixed with water, is safe for hummingbirds. The glucose in sugar is the bird’s main source of energy. However, ensure that the combination has a good proportion. Half a cup of sugar should go with two cups of water.

How often do you change hummingbird feeders?

The first thing to keep in mind is that hummingbirds are repelled by fermented nectar. As such, it is important to consistently change the nectar. During summer, change the nectar once or twice in two days and when it becomes cold, once a week is enough. Also, changing their food is dependent on where you have placed the feeder. If the feeder is under direct sunlight, you will be forced to replace the nectar every few hours because it goes bad fast.

How to feed a hummingbird?

Fill the feeder with nectar and place it in a spot where its colors will sparkle. It should be in a space where there is sunshine in the morning and the evening. During the hot hours of the day, you can hang it in a shade. This way, the birds can easily rest after a feast.

Common Hummingbird Feeder Brands

First Nature

With extensive knowledge of hummingbirds, this company specializes in producing their food as well as some of the best feeders on the market.


This company produces a wide range of products for wildlife lovers and garden enthusiasts. All their products are made in the USA.


With a history dating back to 1959, Perky-Pet has established a name for itself in the bird feeding industry. It produces a wide variety of models that are popular among hummingbird lovers.

More Birds

They also carry a wide variety of hummingbird feeders and have been in the industry for quite a while. It is among the trustworthy brands in the industry.


Choosing one of the best hummingbird feeders doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. You can go with the above-reviewed choice.

The Aspects Hummzinger HighView feeder is my top choice and an affordable one for that matter. You can try it or go with the glass types like Nature’s Way Bird Feeder, which is quite attractive and effective.

Every choice you make from my list will not disappoint you. Each one has something special to offer, and after buying one, pay attention to where you place it, the concentrates you will use, and how clean you keep them.

This way, you will enjoy a marvelous view every time the Hummingbirds their wings and feed – double satisfaction for both of you.