The BEST Oriole Feeders of 2021

Did you know that watching birds can enhance your wellbeing? Well, birdwatching helps to fight depression.

Also, birds help with flower pollination and pest control in your garden. I have always endeared watching birds fly and listen to their musical song in the morning.

The view is more fun and enjoyable if the birds are colorful like Orioles.

The orange, yellow, and black colored birds are, without a doubt, attractive. Since they only feed on fruit, jelly, and nectar, they do not scatter seed in the homestead.

To see the Orioles birds more often, I have resorted to enticing them with the food they like. This is where Oriole feeders come in handy. Luckily, I have scoured the web and listed some of the best feeders below.

If you are a bird enthusiast, you definitely know about Orioles. The taxing part is keeping them flying around your home.

In this guide, I will be exploring some of the top oriole feeders that will keep these lovely orange perching in your property. I will also explain why the feeders are best suited for their jobs. You will also learn the pros and cons of each product.

Top 18 Oriole Feeder Reviews –  Updated 2021

1. Birds Choice 1009 

Perfect Fest Oriole Feeder Birds Choice 1009

One of the most effective oriole feeders is the Oriole Fest. It is designed with a three-way feeding system that allows you to fill it with jelly, oranges, and nectar. It also comes with four jelly cups and four nectar feeding ports, extending the feeding options. At the center of the structure is a spiked hanging rod that acts as orange halves skewer. Also, it features two suction cups and can carry 12 ounces of nectar.

Since Orioles love oranges, the thick orange-colored plastic design is highly effective in attracting Orioles. I also like the silicon bee guards, which keep bees and ants at bay. Made of a high impact polycarbonate and freeze proof materials, it boasts of durability. Additionally, this is also dishwasher safe and UV stable.


  •  The multi feeder that accommodates all types of Oriole favorite food- nectar, oranges, and jelly
  • Quality material
  • Bee and ant deterrents


  • Holds only 12 ounces of nectar





2. Kettle Moraine Recycled Feeder

Eco- Friendly DesignKettle Moraine Recycled Feeder

Mealworms, grape jelly, and oranges are orioles’ favorite foods. Designed with bright orange colors, this product keeps Orioles hovering in your homestead. Another attribute I fancy about this is the parasols like design, which shelters the birds from adverse weather. This cute product has two cups for fruits and jelly and two spikes for orange halves. The two jars can be filled with mealworms or jelly and are removable for easy cleaning.

One of the features that stand out is a spacious circular recycles plastic base and galvanized steel roof that provides enough room for multiple birds. The materials are durable even in adverse weather.


  •  Durable steel and recycled plastic construction
  • Two spikes and two cups to hold enough food
  • Spacious design to accommodate several birds


  •  Glass jars are breakable





3. Birds Choice Recycled  SNOF

Ideal Feeder For OriolesBirds Choice Recycled  SNOF

Made using recycled poly lumber, this feeder never splits, fades, or crack. It also withstands wear and tears to deliver long-term performance. To be precise, it shelters Orioles from rain and heat while keeping food clean and secure.

This product has two jelly cups and pegs to hold fruit halves in place. The great part is that it has a transparent roof to give the birds a clear view of the sky. I also had an easy time hanging it, thanks to the ready to hang heavy-duty cable.

Since this container is manufactured from recycled plastic, it is environmentally friendly, a big plus for environmentally conscious people. This product ranks top among the biggest feeders. To be precise, it measures 13 by 8 inches and seven inches in height. This means that more Orioles can perch on the feeder at a time.


  • Environmental friendly recycled poly lumber
  •  Attractive color


  •  Quite expensive
  • Can fade from exposure





4. Kettle Moraine Single Feeder

Great Oriole Orange Fruit Feeder

Kettle Moraine Single Feeder

While Kettle moraine may appear relatively small, its capability to attract a massive Oriole flock is massive. Thanks to the easy to use design, it can hold one halved orange without problems. Since Orioles’ favorite food is oranges, this product is all you needed to start attracting the birds to your compound.

Another great feature of this is that lightweight model with an open-ended hanging hook. I also love the fact that it is made from recycled material, which goes a long way to make our environment safe.

Generally, this product is durable and sturdy, holding an orange in place until the birds finish eating. The aluminum perch area balances the oriole as they feed on the oranges. The manufacturers are confident of the material’s durability such that they offer a lifetime guarantee.


  •  Lifetime guarantee
  •  Environmentally friendly
  • Simple and practical design


  • It does not offer much room for a crowd
  • Lacks jelly container or ports for seeds






5. Woodlink 3 in 1 

Great Platform Bird Feeder Woodlink 3 in 1 Feeder

As the name suggests, the Wooodlink 3 in 1 platform comes with ground, hand, and pole mount in one feeder. The natural wood material attracts orioles effortlessly. Besides the versatility, I like how easy it is to fill and hang with a metal cable. In fact, the feeder comfortably holds three pounds of seeds.

What stands out in most is the removable powder-coated metal screen for easy cleaning and drainage. Also, the feeder can be mounted or placed on the ground using the metal legs. What’s more, it is screwed together with kiln-dried red cedar to ensure it lasts for years on end.


  •  Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting


  •  Does not hang balanced






6. More Birds Snacks’ N’ Treats

Great Single Serving Hanging Bird Feeder

More Birds Snacks' N' Treats

A good feeder does not have to come in orange color. More Birds Snacks’ N’ Treats Bird Feeder is designed in a blue plastic dish feeder perfect for offering jelly, seeds, and mealworms for Orioles and other birds.

In fact, the product provides numerous feeding options, including nuts and orange halves. Once you put mealworms in the feeder, sit back and watch bluebirds flock to your home. An elegantly curved hanger is included to hold the blue dish in place and provide a perching space.

Moreover, the unique scalloped dish complements the garden, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. One of it’s unique features is that its dish is removable for convenient and easy dishwasher cleaning. Remember the food should be fresh to keep the orioles coming back every day. Luckily, this  has built-in drainage to keep the food fresh.


  •  Easy to clean


  •  Mealworms can easily drop through the drainage holes






7. Nature’s Way Bird Products

Ideal Tray Feeder

Nature's Way Bird Products

Nature’s Way Bird Products Tray Feeder is among the most versatile feeders in the market, thanks to its tray’s open design. Besides Orioles, it can accommodate large birds such as the Mourning doves, which are quite rare on feeders. The tray design ensures that you can feed various feeds, including dried fruits, whole corm, and shell peanuts.

The feeder is made from multi-ply bamboo, which is rot and insect resistant. The seed tray is made of galvanized steel, while the hanging cable is vinyl coated steel to boost longevity. Also, the seed tray is removable to promote airflow and water drainage. This construction does not only extend the lifespan of the feeder, but also keeps the seed fresh. Also, it makes the product easy to maintain and clean.


  •  Very durable – resistant to rot and insects
  •  Keeps seeds fresh, thanks to proper drainage


  •  Prone to mold






8. Songbird Essentials SE905

Ultimate Multiple Feeder

Songbird Essentials SE905

Without a doubt, the Songbird Essentials Ultimate  is ranks top in the list of the best Oriole feeders out there. This large disc feeder has a compartment for holding all kinds of oriole food. Apparently, it can hold up to four times what conventional feeders can accommodate.
This ultimate model provides plenty of space to display oranges. A lightweight 12-inch disc can hold four orange halves, a substantial jelly amount and nectar, and accommodates several orioles at once.

The orange color at the base captures oriole’s interests and attracts them to your yard. What I find endearing about this feeder is the easy to fill and simple to clean features. It also has a hook for a simple and straightforward installation. Here is the great part. It comes with ant and bee deterrents to keep the birds’ food safe.


  • Significantly large to accommodate more birds
  • Can be clean easily
  • Bee and ants repellant


  •  Draws other birds on the wide variety of food
  • May require refilling severally in one day






9. Birds Choice Cup For Jelly

Attractive Flower Design

Birds Choice Cup For Jelly

Birds Choice Feeder comes with a simple, effective, and attractive design. As the name suggests, there is a flower pattern at the bottom of the it. A metal frame holds the feeder into place while two pegs just above the peg orange halves. This means it can hold jelly and fruits. Also, it is quite lightweight, but has sturdy metal to withstand the weight of birds.

The cup is designed to hold 3oz of jelly, which is among orioles favorite food. The orange cup also contains ornamentations, which attract orioles more. With that said, cleaning this is a breeze.


  •  Made of Sturdy metallic material
  •  Elegant design to complement your garden
  •  Holds both jelly and fruit


  •  Relatively small






10. Heath Outdoor Products CF-133

Best Clementine Oriole Feeder

Heath Outdoor Products CF-133

After using several feeders, I can say Heath Outdoor  is among simplest, but most effective. I rank it top among my favorite feeders. Ideally, it features a simple circular steel design similar to that of an orange half.

Powder painted with highly decorative orange color, it keeps Orioles perching in your garden throughout the day. It has enough room to accommodate two halves of oranges on prongs, and hold jelly, mealworm, and nectar on the other side.

I also like the UV-resistant steel material, which means it lasts relatively long. Since this has a simplistic design and minimal materials, clean it is breeze.


  • Simplistic design that works instantly
  • Sturdy UV and weather-resistant material


  •  Balancing it is quite tricky
  • Replacement for the breakable glass jar can be hard to find






11. FORUP Oriole Bird Feeder

Great Orange Fruit Hanging Feeder

FORUP Oriole Bird Feeder

This product can be hung on trees, bringing the birds close enough for viewing. It is a perfect gift for the bird enthusiast. What makes this a great choice is the eco-friendly top-notch quality plastics and metallic materials.

Also, hand cleaning the detached bowl is quite easy. Coming with a three-ounce capacity, it enables you to feed the orioles with oranges, grape jelly, and birds’ favorite food.

The colorful, vivid colors attract a flock of orioles every day in your garden and enhance its aesthetic appeal. What’s more, it allows birds to hang easily, thanks to the open-top hook.


  •  It is long-lasting
  • Colorful and attractive


  •  Accommodates only three ounces of food per serving






12. First Nature 3088 32-ounce

First Nature 3088 32-ounceIdeal For Bird Enthusiasts

One thing that attracts orioles to a particular compound is its bright orange colors. A quick look at this product and you know that it will get the job done. It is actually designed with bird enthusiasts in mind. It is designed with colorful orange colors to catch the attention of Orioles flying over your homestead.

If you enjoy watching birds, you definitely want to have many birds coming to your yard. The product is big enough to accommodate numerous birds at the same time. Also, I do not have to keep refilling the feeder because it large enough to hold about 32 ounces of food.

The dual design has a well-placed perch and about ten feeding ports. It also features an S-hook, wide reservoir, dual base, and sealing ring to prevent leakages. This smart design makes it easy to dismantle and fill.

It is also made of thick plastic material that does not break easily when squirrels and bears knock it off. The base part disengages and can spill the food easily. Therefore, it is imperative to tighten it tight against the plastic bottle.

This incredible and practical design tends to attract more orioles than other conventional feeders. It also keeps bees away.


  • Made of durable thick plastic
  • Large enough to hold up to 32 ounces
  • Designed with bright orange colors


  • Disengages easily, hence require proper tightening
  • Gets brittle over time and may require replacement after about two years






13. Perky-Pet 253


Great For Wild Birds

Perky-Pet 253Here is a fun fact, Orioles and hummingbirds have a sweet tooth. To keep them hovering around your compound, offer them their favorite food – jelly. It  comes with an inverted jar to keep your jelly covered and fresh. If the 32 oz jar breaks, it can be replaced easily with a standard jelly jar.

The perky pet feeder comes with a vibrant orange color that draws orioles in their drove into your yard. It  has an inbuilt stirrer that allows you to dispense a perfect amount of jelly into your tray.

One of the biggest challenges when attracting Orioles is preventing bees from accessing the feeder. Well, with Perky pet, bees should be the least of your worries. It has deterrents that prevent bees from hovering around it.

Exposing food to weather spoils the jelly. Unlike other conventional feeders, Perky-Pet 253 Oriole Jelly Wild Bird Feeder holds jelly inside a weatherproof jar to ensure it lasts long. As a bird lover, I go the extra mile to clean it after several days to ensure the jelly has a fresh taste. What’s more, it has holes at the base to prevent water accumulation.


  •  Easy to clean
  • Come with a special stirrer
  • Allows you to swap jelly jars


  •  When the jar is filled, it blocks your views on the other side






14. Songbird Essentials SEBCO212

Best Jelly/Jam Flite line

Songbird Essentials SEBCO212

When setting out to buy a good feeder, Songbird Essential caught my eye because of its design. It replicates a large orange bosom at the base. This feature attracts orioles in the near vicinity.

Designed with a hanging system, it is easy to erect and clean it. Moreover, it enhances your garden decoration, and it fits smaller yards perfectly. What’s more, it can easily hold 10, 12, or 14 ounces of jelly jars.


  • It has a unique look
  • It accommodates different sizes of jar


  • It only accommodates jars





15. Perky-Pet Opus Plus 32-ounce 449-2

Great Plastic Feeder

Perky-Pet Opus Plus 32-ounce 449-2

Perky-Pet Opus Plus can hold 32 ounces of nectar and an orange slice design to attract oriole to your yard. In fact, the whole product is bright orange to ensure orioles notice it. Also, the feeder has four feeding ports and two perching positions.

The feeding ports deter bees. Therefore, having bees on it should be the least of your worries. What I like most is the shatterproof and transparent reservoir, which allows you to monitor the nectar levels with ease. Since the feeder tends to attract squirrels and bears, this sturdy design comes in handy in protecting the structure.

Another handy design feature is that you can easily disassemble, clean, and refill. Simply unscrew the top from the feeder base and proceed with cleaning and refilling.


  •  Has bees deterrent capability
  • Sturdy nectar reservoir to last long


  • May develop leaks at the seams






16. Heath Outdoor Products CF-131

Citrus Buffet Feeder

Heath Outdoor Products CF-131

This fantastic feeder from Heath Outdoor Products comes with an orange color to make it noticeable to orioles. The dishwasher-safe plastic accommodates a wide variety of bird food, including nectar, mealworm, and grape jelly. Besides orioles, it attracts other bird types to keep colorful with birds of all types.

What makes it stand out from the rest is the inbuilt ant guard that deters unwanted intruders from invading the nectar and jelly. I also love the fact that you can easily disassemble for easy cleaning. At the top of it, a long hook is attached for easy hanging. In addition to, it can hold up to 4.5 ounces and six ounces of grape jelly and nectar, respectively.


  •  Can be clean easily
  •  Made of durable plastic material


  • Exposure to the sun can make the material fade





17. More Birds Oriole Feeder

Attractive Orange Feeder
More Birds Oriole Feeder

Since orioles are attracted to oranges, this feeder’s orange design provides a vast oriole attraction capacity. Also, it is designed to hold 34 ounces of nectar to keep the birds happy and full. What’s more, it has large perches that provide plenty of room for feeding and a large opening for easy cleaning.


  •  Clean easily
  • Attract orange color to attract orioles


  • Nectar drains when the bee guards move
  •  Does not deter bee completely






18. Perky-Pet 466-6 24-Ounce 

Excellent Feeder For Oriole
Perky-Pet 466-6 24-Ounce 

Featuring an orange slice décor, Perky-Pet 466 boasts a great capacity to attract birds. It comes with three branches like perches and three feeding ports. With a 24 oz capacity, it is enough to keep the orioles well-fed. Another great feature of this product is the patented bee guards, which means that keeping the small insects away won’t be a problem.

The last thing you want is bee chasing away the birds after making this excellent investment in your compound. Lastly, this comes with a shatterproof and transparent plastic reservoir. I found it easy to clean, and I refill the reservoir simply by unscrewing.


  • Cleaning and refilling is easy
  •  Aesthetically appealing and great at attracting the birds


  • Susceptible to leakages





Buyers Guide

Important Consideration when buying Oriole Feeders

There are essential things to consider when buying a suitable oriole feeder. Below, I have put together the most important to have in mind when looking for a feeder.

1. Oriole Birds Love Orange Color

You probably know that orioles’ favorite foods are oranges. To make the feeder attractive to the birds, consider buying something with bright and vibrant orange color.

2. Oriole Love Perching On Tree Tops

The place to place your feeder is on the treetop, where they are easily visible by the birds as they fly over your yard. The birds also tend to keep coming back to feeders with their favorite food.

3. The Birds Don’t Like Sharing Feeders

While Orioles enjoy feeding together, they are not sociable when sharing food with other birds.

4. Material and Design

A good feeder should be made from high-grade steel and non-toxic plastic. For steel materials, it is crucial to ensure the feeder is powder-coated. In regards to design, choose a circular or flat design that accommodates a wide variety of food. Additionally, a suitable one should have multiple perching places.

Common Terms

Feeder- This is a container that holds food for birds
Jelly – Elastic/liquid product made from fruit juice such as grapes
Reservoir- An apparatus that holds liquid, jelly, and animal food

Frequently Asked Questions

What do orioles eat?

Orioles feed on nectar, jelly, and fruits such as grapes and oranges.

What do orioles look like?

While the plumage of all Orioles looks similar, female orioles look paler. Adult Oriole males have a combination of flame orange and black colors. The wings and head are black with a white bar. On the other hand, the females have grayish back and head with a yellow, orange breast. The wings have two bold white bars. It is worth noting that immature males like female orioles.

How do you attract orioles?

To attract orioles in your compound, you need a conspicuous feeder, preferably with orange colors. Then add nectar, orange slices, and grape jelly to the feeder and hang it in a quiet place near the birdbath. However, this process requires a great deal of patience because you may only attract a few birds on the first days.

How to make oriole food?

Orioles love nectar. If you are planning to attract the birds, it is vital to learn how to make nectar. First, you need water and granulated sugar. Simply boil the water and mix with granulated sugar. Stir and allow it to cool. Fill the mixture into it once reaches room temperature.

Where to buy these?

You can purchases feeders online or at a brick and mortar local pet store. Amazon has a wide variety of top quality feeders.


Feeding birds and watching them perch in garden, yard, or lawn is an exciting experience. Listening to the chirping of their melodious songs every morning alleviates stress. However, to keep the birds coming to your home, you need a proper feeding arrangement. Luckily there are decent oriole feeders of varying sizes and shapes. If you are having a hard time choosing a decent feeder, the list above will help get you started.

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