Is pest control safe for pets? Pet Friendly Pest Control

How can you initiate pet-friendly pest control?

A home is incomplete without a pet. They bring joy to us, often spend most of their time sleeping, eating and traveling.

It is a wonderful experience to have a pet as they are always loyal, trying to make us happy all the time. This is the reason why it is necessary to keep your pet from harm’s way.

Whether it is a cat or a dog, a bird or even your little goldfish, they are delicate living things which require proper care and treatment from the family members. Hence, you have to feed them well, take them to the vet on a regular basis, keep them clean all the time, and more.

 Pet friendly pest control

When you get pest control for your home you need to take special care of your pets. Chemicals in pesticides can be very harmful to your pets. If you are hiring a pest control company, ask if they use pet friendly pesticides.

Pest control can be safe for pets if the exterminator uses pet friendly chemicals and other safety precautions.

What can you do reduce the risk of your pet coming in contact with any of the chemicals?

  • Always follow the instructions and directions to use given on the pesticide label.
  • Incase if the pest control is happening inside your house, make sure that all the windows and doors are opened so that the chemical effect can be dried out and removed immediately.

How can you keep your pets safe during pest control?

In order to achieve pet friendly pest control, you are required to follow certain instructions listed below

  • The first thing to do when you have called an exterminator is to tell him that you have pets. This way, he will be prepared to perform the pest control with keeping in mind your pet. You can tell him about what kind of pet you own and according to that, he will instruct you about what items to be kept inside the house and what can remain inside.
  • The next thing you must do is to contain your pet to a safer place so that they can’t come in contact with harmful pest chemicals. In cases, when you have dogs and cats, you can easily drop them to your neighbor’s house or at your friend’s house until the pest control is complete. This is necessary because pets like dogs and cats are very curious animals and they possess the tendency to inspect everything that is new to them. When you call an exterminator, he will be bringing lots of equipment and chemicals with him and there is a chance of your pet consuming these chemicals.
  • When we talk about fishes and reptiles, you are required to make extra preparations for them as they can’t be moved outside. You can cover up their tanks properly and make sure that no liquid or vapor can enter the tank. On the other hand, if you have feathery friends, take them outside and over their habitats with a long cloth.

Not only your house but your pets also requires pest control

Pest-related illnesses that can harm your pet. It is necessary to check them regularly for infestations.

 Pet friendly pest control

  • Ticks

Ticks are common in dogs. You can hire pest control services to tackle ticks. It is a proactive measure to take if you care for your pet.

  • Fleas

Fleas enter properties via pets. Pets like cats and dogs are capable of carrying tapeworms, thus it is necessary that you call a professional for treating flea infections.

  • Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes transmit heartworm larvae to cats and dogs. Pest control can help you reduce the mosquito population on your property.

How can you prevent pests?

There is no wat around it, pets will carry pests. But you can help prevent them using some of the tips below.

  • Make sure that your pets’ shelter, food, and water container is bug-free, regularly clean it with detergent and clean water.
  • Doesn’t allow water to stay stagnant for so many days and if you have a leaky pipe, immediately fix it.
  • Keep your pets in a fenced yard.
  • Never leave your pet alone, they might enter infested areas.
  • Always keep the pet food in air-tight containers.
  • Reduce ticks by trimming bushes regularly.

Remember pets are family so we need to care for them the same as a family member. Pest control is something that includes harmful chemicals and products which if consumed or inhaled can cause serious damage to us as well as our pets.

Ask your exterminator if the pesticides they spray are toxic to animals. If they are take the necessary precations to protect your pets.