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Small Bird Feeders

The Best Feeders For Small Birds   Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month in America? Studies have shown that bird feeding is a well-enjoyed practice in this country, even ranking among its top pastimes. This exciting hobby did not just pop up yesterday: it has been reported to have been a well-known practice as early as 1845, or even earlier. This practice has grown so much that nowadays it is approximated that well over 50 million…

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Best Suet Feeders Review – Updated 2021

The Top 12 Suet Feeders of 2021 Do you want to attract chickadees or woodpeckers to your yard while repelling other birds like grackles? If so, you may want to consider hanging a suet feeder in your backyard. Suet feeders are usually designed without perches so smaller birds can feed on the fatty suet within. Woodpeckers especially like suets (particularly nut, insect or fruit blends), so feeders are a good way to entice them to hang out at your bird…

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The 16 Best Bird Baths – Updated 2021

Top 16 Bird Bath Products – Updated  Do you love birdwatching and having wild birds come into your yard? From bird feeders to birdhouses and birdbaths, there are many ways to welcome the winged creatures. One of the most popular ways to attract birds is with water. A bird who is looking for a habitat to call home or is just visiting, will need water just as much as they need food. Birds utilize water in a variety of ways…

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The 20 Best Bird Toys – Updated 2021

The Top Ranking Toys Of 2021 For Bird So, you are now a bird owner, and you have no clue how to get them active and mentally healthy? Well, you have come to the right place. I have put together a list of the 20 best bird toy to help you keep your bird happy. Having a bird as a pet doesn’t make them different from their wild counterparts, and although good food and cages are important, toys are equally…

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Best Hummingbird Feeders

The Top 15 Best Feeders For Hummingbirds – 2021 Hummingbirds are no doubt some of the most attractive birds ever. They are a marvel to look at and listen to, but they can be quite elusive if there are no flowers around. So, how do you attract them to your yard? Don’t worry. In this post, I will review some of the best hummingbird feeders to help you invite and spend some memorable moments with them. With so many options…

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The Top 25 Bird Seeds – Updated 2021

The 25 Bird Seed Products [Updated] If you are a bird enthusiast choosing the best bird seed is important. Different bird species are attracted to different seeds. Attracting birds to your backyard is no rocket science. Most of the time, birds are madly searching for food to meet their needs and those of their hatchlings. This means that the first thing you need to do is to feed them the right foods. If these beautiful creatures do not get what…

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10 Friendly Bird Species Make Fantastic Pets

10 Friendly Bird Species Make Fantastic Pets When it comes to adopting a pet bird, it’s always very important to choose a gentle, friendly, bird that can act as your companion. having a friendly bird species and affectionate will make taking care of it hassle-free, easier, and worthwhile. While birds can make the best pets, not all of them are perfect. As a matter of fact, some of them can be quite messy and loud and may require a great…

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Top Feeders For Orioles

The BEST Oriole Feeders of 2021 Did you know that watching birds can enhance your wellbeing? Well, birdwatching helps to fight depression. Also, birds help with flower pollination and pest control in your garden. I have always endeared watching birds fly and listen to their musical song in the morning. The view is more fun and enjoyable if the birds are colorful like Orioles. The orange, yellow, and black colored birds are, without a doubt, attractive. Since they only feed…

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Best Bluebird Feeders

Best Bluebird Feeders 2021 Supplemental feeding of bluebirds is helpful all year round, and can be accomplished through using bird feeders. Bluebirds enjoy a variety of foods such as suet, meal worms, softened fruits, corn muffins, and sunflower hearts. Out of all the foods, meal worms are the best to feed bluebirds. Most of the foods listed will be accepted during colder weather if the birds have wintered over, but meal worms are readily accepted year round. With supplemental feeding,…

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How to Tell if Your Bird Has Mites: 10 Steps

Certain winged animal species, similar to finches, parrots and parakeets, are bound to contract mites. Bird bugs feed on your feathered creature’s blood, can live and flourish in your flying creature’s home or confinements, and can multiply at an alarming rate. Feathered creatures are powerless to external parasites like bugs, and if a vermin pervasion isn’t dealt with, it can spread to owners and family members leading to genuine sickness or passing for your winged animal. Be that as it…

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